Purdue Postgame Quotes

Sept. 9, 2006

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Joe Tiller, Head Coach

"Well, the Northwestern people were telling me how Miami (Ohio) is a good football team, a hard-playing football team. They had a skilled offense; I really liked the quarterback (Mike Kokal). I liked the receivers, too; they definitely didn't disappoint. The safeties showed up to play today like they should have, and definitely hit hard. We were well-scouted by them, and they had more time to practice since they played last Thursday. But I think we did a nice job making some adjustments during the game, and when it came down to it, we were able to answer the score. Being able to answer their scoring drives kept us positive on the sidelines, which is important."

...on cornerback Aaron Lane.

"Aaron has a cracked scapula, and it will take him six to eight weeks, or maybe even the entire season, to recover. This isn't an easy injury to recover from, and it takes time. It's not a good deal for Aaron because it's his first year from (University of St. Francis), but now we can use other guys and give them more experience; we'll get better as we move along."

...on Curtis Painter.

"I was disappointed in the way he threw a couple of balls; Curtis is a strong-armed guy. If you look at that last interception, there was nothing on it. He floated a couple, but Ed (Zaunbrecher, quarterback coach) has been doing a good job with him. Curtis has changed some things he'd done in the past, like trying to look people off with his eyes, and he's improving. It's his seventh start, and I hope as things continue, he'll continue to improve."

...on the team's development.

"Before the game, our team's goal was to perform better this week than we did last week, and we did perform better. We performed better this week than last week against Indiana State, and hopefully next week we'll be better than we were today."



Curtis Painter, Quarterback

...on Miami (Ohio) and their performance.

"We knew going into the game that they were under the radar, and that it would be a struggle. They didn't do a whole lot of different things than what we saw on film, but we just made some mental mistakes, and I certainly did not like the turnovers I made."

...on his thoughts on Purdue's defensive performance.

"They played a heck of a game, and I give them a lot of credit. They made the big plays when they had to make them, and the blocked field goal was huge; it was a great team effort today."

Dorien Bryant, Wide Receiver

...on his own big plays in the second half.

"With the game close, the second half was the time when we needed big plays, and I'm always going to do my best to make a big play when they call my number. But it wasn't just myself today, but Kory Sheets, Greg Orton and the offensive line made some big plays as well."

...on his thoughts on Purdue's defensive effort.

"They made some great plays today; they're very young, and the team just has to grow with them. Cliff Avril and Dan Bick's interceptions were huge, and come midseason, they're going to be really good. I have all the faith in the world in them."

Kory Sheets, Running Back

...on his habit of finding the endzone.

"It's not really the habit of finding the endzone; it's more about following my blockers. They are some great guys, and they can block anyone they want to block. Fortunately, these past two games they've been able to do a great job."

...on his first half performance compared to his second half performance.

"The first half of this week's game compared to the first half of last week's game was more about passing the ball and blocking. I think today I had a couple of good blocks; one good one was to free up Dorien for a nice gain."

...on his overall thoughts on the game.

"I felt good. The team showed a lot of heart in this win, and we should be pretty good if we continue to show this attitude."

Anthony Spencer, Defensive End

...on his blocked field goal attempt at the conclusion of regulation.

"We've been preaching positive attitude all season, and I just kept a positive attitude going into that situation. When I blocked that kick, I just happened to come free, and I got my arms up and blocked it."

...on the defense's performance in overtime.

"We knew that it was up to us to win this game. We knew we had a chance to win the game, so we just went out there and got the job done in overtime."

...on his overall thoughts on the game.

"Last week we came out a bit sluggish, but this week I think we made great steps at getting better. We have to do that every week, and we have to work hard at trying to be the best team we can be."

Dan Bick, Linebacker

...on his personal performance in today's game.

"Today, I don't think I had as much energy as I'd like to have. Going into halftime, I felt tired and was cramping up a bit. But we came out excited, and it kept me in the game and I was able to make some plays. The interception I had was really to a defensive back's credit because I was at the right spot at the right time. But we came out ready to play, today and we had to fight through a lot of things. I think Miami (Ohio) might have been a little bit better than some guys thought; they came out ready to play, and they have a great football team. Our main goal today was to fight through diversity and to keep a positive attitude, and we did."

...on his thoughts on the defense's performance.

"We wanted to stop the run today because we knew they had an athletic quarterback and a couple of playmakers. The coaches got on our defensive ends and told them to get good rush in there and that we had to stop them on third downs. We came through and made some big plays and it does nothing but pump the team up and encourage other people to make big plays."

Miami (Ohio)

Shane Montgomery, Miami Head Coach

"I was really proud of our football team. The first half was kind of like the Northwestern game last week, a chess match. We had some opportunities to score and didn't get it done. Our defense played really well. In the second half we finally scored a touchdown, after six or seven quarters without a touchdown this season. We were able to take a deep breath and relax. I was really proud of the way the guys fought in the second half. You have to give them (Purdue) credit. They made a few plays down the stretch when they had to, like the blocked field goal, scored and then held us and won the football game. We had our chances to win, we played well enough to win but we didn't win. It really didn't matter what happened today. If we beat Purdue (it's) a big win but our league starts next week and that's going to be the most important game. We can't feel like this is a moral victory."

...on the blocked field goal at the end of regulation.

"I thought it was a low kick. I don't think they got much penetration. Until I see the replay it's hard to tell."

...on quarterback Mike Kokal.

"Mike finally made some plays in the second half. He did make some plays in the first half but when he had a chance to make some plays in the red zone he didn't. I was proud of him. He goes down and our back-up quarterback throws a couple big passes, one on third down. Again I was proud of our team because we had some more guys go down today."

...on how this game can help confidence.

"We know we played toe-to-toe with two Big Ten teams. In the Northwestern game we had a lot of guys playing for the first time. We saw some of those guys step up today. Purdue's been one of the top teams in the Big Ten and we were able to answer them right back. The biggest thing for us is our kids (should now be) confident that we can play at this level."

...on Kory Sheets, Dorien Bryant and the offensive line.

"Sheets is a big back and he's fast. He's the size of our some of our linebackers. They (Purdue) have a couple really good skill kids in him and Bryant. When you have a big guy who is fast, he's tough to break down. (Purdue) is very experienced up front. We thought they would try to run the ball against us and get it to Bryant. We did a good job of containing them in the first half but they made some plays in the second half.

Mike Kokal, Quarterback

...on his play today.

"We sputtered early like we did last week. We had our opportunities but didn't capitalize. You have to give credit to the Purdue defense because they bent but didn't break."

...on Miami's offense.

"We had great protection all game. Purdue's safeties are young so we were trying to exploit them. We also had an answer for every (Purdue) score."

Ryne Robinson, Wide Receiver

...on today's game.

"I think we played phenomenal today both on offense and defense. Personally, I'm playing as hard as I can every week. We shouldn't lose another game the rest of the season if we play like we did today."

...on Purdue's defense.

"They tried to play a man coverage. When the safeties would drop back we would pick at them until they gave up the deep ball. We played perfect offense in the second half."


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