Purdue Postgame Quotes - Purdue/Indiana State

Sept. 2, 2006

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Joe Tiller, Head Coach

"We won a game. We didn't win the game the way we would have liked, but we still won the game. We didn't get to play some guys as much as we wanted to play them, but we gave them experience. These kinds of games are dangerous in the sense that most people think we don't have to play as hard, and if the players start thinking the same way, then we're in trouble. I was disappointed in two things in the game; one was the kicking game with the blocked punt and the mishandled snap. In my opinion, we should have fielded the snap and gotten the punt off, but some of the team isn't used to the speed of this game yet; this is how you learn. The other disappointment was the knee injury to (Torri) Williams, but we're going to get him into surgery as soon as things get settled down."

...on the offense.

"We had (control) of the game, but we lost it and got it back. I don't think they were as sharp throwing the ball as what they should be, but it got better as the game progressed. Nothing can replace an actual game, it doesn't matter who you play. You need to go out and see where you are, and this game let us accomplish that."

...on any other injuries on the Purdue team.

"Paul Dubler has an ACL sprain, but we will immobilize him and get him back this season. The rest of the guys are in pretty good shape, and we're thankful of that."

Curtis Painter, Quarterback

...on positives from the first game of the season.

"We ran the ball very well, and the protection of our offensive line was great. The passing game was okay, but we have a few timing concerns we still need to work on."

...on the new playing surface.

"It worked very well for us; there were no major problems like there were last year."



...on the 1966 throwback uniforms.

"They looked really good, and it would be nice to wear them all season. I like them a lot."

Dorien Bryant, Wide Receiver

...on positives from the first game of the season.

"We executed well when we had to, but the first game is always rough and we have to get it together from a consistency standpoint. We will need to go back to practice on Tuesday because there are some little things that fans can't necessarily see that we need to work on."

...on the new playing surface.

"The field held up well; it was nice and soft, and a lot better than last year. I hope it holds up the way it did today for the remainder of the season."

...on the 1966 throwback uniforms.

"They're sweet, and I wish we could wear them all season. There would be no fuss from me."

Kory Sheets, Running Back

...on the new playing surface.

"I felt so fast. On that first kickoff play, I don't know what I was thinking; I should've just outran the guy to the corner, but it just felt so fast. I loved it."

...on the offense's performance during the season opener.

"It was typical of the first game; there were a lot of bumps and bruises. The offensive line was excellent today. We ran the ball like we were supposed to, but I just had to slow down, and that's what I did in the second half."

...on personal improvements for next week's game against Miami (Ohio)..

"I just need to be more patient and follow the line like I'm supposed to."

Stanford Keglar, Linebacker

...on the completion of the first game of the season.

"It was great just getting out there and playing against someone else because we've been going at each other for so long. We were able to test our skills, and I think we have a little bit of work to do. But it was a lot of fun today."

...on goals for the defense for next week's game against Miami (Ohio).

"The defense needs to work on good communication and being sound on our techniques. All we need to do is work on little things and we'll be good to go."

Postgame Quotes

Purdue vs. Indiana State September 2, 2006

Indiana State head coach Lou West ...on the Indiana State's performance today

"I liked our enthusiasm and effort but you can't play two and a half quarters. You have to play a full 60 minutes and we didn't do that today."

...regarding the two special team plays in the second quarter

"We had a few plays in the second quarter that went our way. Once we capitalized on them that "Superman" thing happened. Our confidence grew and we felt like we could do anything. Unfortunately it didn't stay with us the whole game."

...on the team's effort

"We'll look at the film but our confidence level is going to help us out this season. Offensively, we had some success, but defensively we have a lot of work to do. We scored enough points and we're on the verge of where we want to be offensively."

...on the outcome of the game

"I'm absolutely disappointed with the loss. A lot of people might say we knew we weren't going to win today but every time I step onto the field I expect to win."

...on Rafael Price who transferred from Purdue

"Rafael is doing well. We expect him to be a leader. I know he'll step up and answer the call. It was an emotional day for him. A lot of his former teammates talked to him before the game."

...on Sam Logan, wide receiver

"Sam is a leader on and off the field. He really takes charge on the field. He's an all-conference player for us and we expect a lot from him. He doesn't disappoint."

Tony West, Running Back

...on whether this was a moral victory

"There's no such thing as a moral victory. We didn't finish the game like we needed to."

...on the performance of the offense

"The blocking scheme was great today. The line opened up a lot of holes for me and it was just a matter of execution. But there are a few adjustments that need to be made for the rest of the season.

...on the magnitude of the game

"This game was huge for us, especially playing in front of a large crowd like the one today. It really sets the tone for the season. With this being the first game, it lets you know what needs to be worked on and what was done well."

Sam Logan, Wide Receiver

...on the opportunity to play close to home

"It was a big deal for me, especially coming back and playing so close to home. It was a great experience but we came here to win and obviously we didn't so I guess you could say it was bittersweet."

...on the progress team has made from last season

"You have to come out of each game looking at both the good and the bad. We moved the ball extremely well but there were some times that we stopped ourselves with mental mistakes."


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