Painter Speaks With Media In Advance Of IPFW Game

Dec. 20, 2010

"IPFW has a lot of skill. They have guys who can shoot the ball and break you down. Their guys are familiar to us through recruiting and AAU. They run a lot of motion and some quick hitters. You have to stick with their shooters, and you have to make sure their interior guys don't get angles. Dane (Fife) has done a great job, and he's a very good coach."

On the importance of rebounding from the guard position:
"Everybody in coaching talks about rebounding by committee. Everyone would like to have a couple horses who average over 10 a game, but you rarely run into that type of team. Everyone has to defensive rebound. With a three-point shot, you're going to have a lot of long rebounds, so you need your guards to contest shots then box out and go get the ball. I think our guards have done a good job with that. E'Twaun Moore is having the best rebounding year of his career so far, Lewis (Jackson) has done a good job and Kelsey (Barlow) had 11 rebounds in our last game. Kelsey gives us versatility because he can guard anywhere from point guard to power forward, so that helps him chase the ball down."

On the play of sophomore guard Kelsey Barlow:
"I want Kelsey to be aggressive. He's got a world of ability. He's done some things here that I appreciate. Sometimes, fans look at everything from a shooting and a scoring standpoint, and they sometimes don't have a great understanding of the game. Kelsey Barlow has done some things for Purdue that not a lot of people have done in the past. He was able to guard (Virginia Tech's) Malcolm Delaney and hold him to 2-for-18, and that's a guy who led the ACC in scoring last year. Then he turned around a few nights later and guarded (Alabama's) Tony Mitchell, who's about as athletic a player as we're going to face this year at the power forward position. He got 11 rebounds against Indiana State. He's a tremendous defensive player. He's got to work on some other parts of his game, but he's just a sophomore. He's a work in progress. I'm glad he's with us. He's really helped Purdue win some games."



On the progress of redshirt freshman Sandi Marcius and freshman Travis Carroll:
"Both have done a good job in a limited amount of minutes. It's hard to be productive in the amount of minutes they've gotten, but they've both kept a good attitude and been ready to play when we've called their number. Both guys have done a good job of rebounding the basketball, and that's very important for us. As we start to play bigger teams, I would expect them to get more of an opportunity. We're looking forward to seeing them continue to improve."

On Purdue's ability to play a big lineup:
"We can play big against teams that are similarly big. I don't want to put (our young forwards) in tough spots, and when people play small, it's hard to play big. We want to get JaJuan Johnson in scoring position as much as possible, but we're also trying to play a very good defensive lineup. It's a give-and-take at times. Travis (Carroll) and D.J. (Byrd) are good passers, which helps us stretch the defense and give JaJuan better looks."

On the recent struggles of freshman guard Terone Johnson:
"It's one of those things that happens with guys who can shoot. It's a slump, and it just so happened that came right when he got to college. He's a good player, and he's a good scorer. I'm telling him to concentrate on the other areas of the game, because I know his scoring is going to come. It's what he's consistently done in the past. He just has to keep working. He's a guy you like because he's so competitive, and he wants Purdue to win."


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