Getting to Know: Isaac Haas
Oct. 27, 2017

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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Isaac Haas is a senior center from Hokes Bluff, Alabama, who is on the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Award watch list given to the nation’s top center.

Ending the day before Purdue’s exhibition game with Carroll College (Mont.) on Nov. 1, we will feature a different player every Monday through Thursday during the “Getting to Know” series.

Haas should be one of the top players in the Big Ten after averaging 12.6 points and 5.0 rebounds per game a year ago. He is the only player in America to have scored 1,000 points in under 1,800 minutes and ranks sixth on the school’s career field goal percentage list (.576).

• Major: Selling and Sales Management
• I was also recruited by: UCLA, Wake Forest, Texas A&M, Wichita State, UAB, Northwestern, Harvard
• Favorite Meal: Mashed Potato Casserole
• Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice cream
• Favorite Band: 3 Doors Down
• Favorite Music: Rock
• Favorite Song: Ticket to Heaven / Kryptonite
• Sports Hero: Tim Duncan
• Hobby: Gaming
• Career Goal: To win a National Championship and have a sustained career in NBA
• Occupation if not Basketball: Executive Sales Coordinator
• Favorite Pro Team: San Antonio Spurs
• Favorite Current Athlete: Caleb Swanigan
• My Nickname is: Big Country
• Favorite Coach Painter Saying: “What? Do you owe each other money?”
• One Dinner Guest: Dan Bilzerian
• If I could meet anyone: Tim Duncan
• Favorite President in history: Ronald Reagan
• Favorite historical leader: George Washington
• If I could have witnessed one sporting event: Alabama vs Auburn when Auburn returned FG for TD
• Historical event I would like to have witnessed: 2000 New Year’s Ball Drop in NY
• You’d be surprised to know: I’m an avid video gamer in League of Legends
• Best summer vacation: Cruise to Cozumel, Costa Rica
• Where I went on first date: Movies in Gadsden, Alabama
• Dream Car: Blacked out, custom Hummer (original)
• First Car: Honda Prelude (2000)
• Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
• Favorite Snack: Fig Newtons
• Favorite Candy: Chewy Sprees
• Favorite Kids Toy: Thomas the Train Engine Train Set
• Things I hate the most: When people do not ask before they borrow things
• Biggest Fear: Heights
• Pet Peeve: Not cleaning up after yourself
• If I was Coach: I would throw the ball inside the post every time
• Favorite Kids Game: Monopoly
• Favorite Color: Black
• Favorite Amusement Park Ride: Goliath (Six Flags)
• First celebrity crush: Melanie Iglesias
• Favorite class: Biology
• Favorite Book: Harry Potter Goblet of Fire
• Favorite Movie: Last Samurai
• Favorite Actor: Will Smith
• Favorite Actress: Jennifer Lopez
• What Mom cooks best: Chili
• One Lesson from dad: Humility
• Mom’s advice: Shut Up
• Favorite TV Show: Supernatural
• Reality show I would star: Jersey Shore
• Favorite Cartoon: SpongeBob Squarepants
• Dream Date: If she is happy I am happy
• If I could live anywhere: Tennessee / North Carolina
• First Trophy was for: Second Place summer basketball
• First Job as a kid: Lawn Mowing
• Favorite thing to do with dad: Cliff Dive
• Favorite video game: League of Legends
• Food I can’t stand: Raw cauliflower
• I’m unbeatable at: any game but sports game
• My inspiration is: my sister
• Why I choose Purdue University: Education, opportunity to develop as a player
• Favorite school tradition: Winning circle after a basketball game
• Best Birthday gift ever: Lots of clothes that fit and a watch
• Favorite holiday: Christmas
• I don’t go anywhere without: Phone
• Something else I would like people to know: I am actually pretty personable
• Biggest Sports thrill I participated: Winning the round of 32 and moving to Sweet 16
• Biggest sports thrill I witnessed: Auburn-Alabama returned FG kick for win
• Celebrity I met: Shaquille O’Neal
• Celebrity I would like to meet: The Rock
• What I would change in the world: How social media portrays people negatively
• Best outdoor hoops game: Wall Ball
• If I could play 1 on 1 vs anyone: Demarcus Cousins
• Favorite emoji: Laughing emoji




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