Getting to Know: Matt Haarms
Oct. 10, 2017

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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Matt Haarms is a redshirt freshman from Amsterdam, who sat out last year after arriving at Purdue during winter break. When the Boilermakers tip off the season with their exhibition game, he will see the court for the first time in 16 months. He was not able to play in the World University Games since he is from the Netherlands.

Ending the day before Purdue’s exhibition game with Carroll College (Mont.) on Nov. 1, we will feature a different player every Monday through Thursday during the “Getting to Know” series.

Haarms has gained about 25 pounds since arriving at Purdue, now standing 7-feet, 3-inches, and weighing 250 pounds. Haarms has the ability to step out and hit the 3-pointer and has good perimeter quickness for a player his size.

• Major: Political Science
• I was also recruited by: Colorado, Washington State, Ball State, and Vanderbilt
• Favorite Meal: Steak (rare)
• Favorite Dessert: Tiramisu
• Favorite band: Gorillaz
• Favorite Music: Hip-hop
• Favorite Song: Runner by Kevin Abstract
• Sports Hero: Yao Ming
• Hobby: Video Games
• Career Goal: Making the NBA
• Occupation if not basketball: Lawyer
• Favorite Pro Team: Houston Rockets
• Favorite Current Athlete: James Harden
• My Nickname Is: Matty Ice
• Favorite Saying: Never apologize for who you are
• Favorite Coach Painter Saying: Purdue cannot beat Purdue
• One Dinner Guest: Gregg Popovich
• If I Could Meet Anyone: Richard Branson
• Favorite Historical Leader: Gandhi
• If I could have witnessed one sporting event: 1988 Netherlands winning the European Soccer Championship
• Historical event I would have liked to witnessed: Martin Luther King’s March on Washington
• You’d be surprised to know: I used to do Judo
• Best Summer Vacation: Going to the usual place with family
• Where I went on first date: To see a movie
• Dream Car: Mercedes G-Class
• First Car: N / A
• Favorite Ice Cream: Strawberry
• Favorite Candy: Lifesavers
• Favorite Kids Toy: Pokémon Cards
• Thing I hate the most: When I walk into a spider web
• Biggest Fear: Spiders
• Pet Peeve: When people do not close doors behind them
• If I was coach: I would be really bad at it
• Favorite Kids Game (Board Game): Monopoly
• Favorite Color: Green
• Favorite Amusement Park Ride: Space Mountain
• Scariest Roller Coaster: Space Mountain
• First Celebrity Crush: Ashley Tisdale
• Favorite Class: POL 120: Intro to public policy
• Favorite Book: The Darkroom of Damocles by W.F. Hermans
• Favorite Movie: In This Corner of the World
• Favorite Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
• Favorite Actress: Emma Stone
• One Lesson From Dad: Be proud of who you are
• Mom’s Advice: Trust in your own decisions
• Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones
• Favorite Cartoon: Rocket Power
• Dream Date: Dinner at a 3 Michelin Star Restaurant
• If I Could Live Anywhere: Amsterdam
• Favorite Thing To Do With Dad: Watch Movies
• Favorite Video Game: Skyrim
• Food I can’t stand: Fish
• I’m Unbeatable At: Video games that are not sports
• My Inspiration Is: My mom
• Why I Chose Purdue University: Family atmosphere and tradition
• Best Birthday Gift Ever: My first suit
• Favorite Holiday: Christmas
• I Don’t Go Anywhere Without: My Phone
• Biggest Sports Thrill I Participated In: Going to the Sweet 16
• Biggest Sports Thrill I Witnessed: Dutch Soccer team going to the World Cup Finals
• Celebrity I Would Like to Meet: Shaquille O’Neal
• What I Would Change in the World: Focus on clean energy
• Best Outdoor Hoops Game: 3-on-3 streetball
• If I could play 1-on-1 vs. anyone: Kristaps Porzingis
• Favorite Emoji: sunglasses




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