Purdue Response To Men's Basketball APR Report

March 17, 2011

Today's USA Today included an article dealing with the Academic Progress Rates (APR) of the men's basketball teams selected for this year's NCAA Tournament. A link to the story is below:

Education chief: Low grad rate should mean no tourney invite

The APR was established in February of 2005 and provides one of multiple means of tracking real-time academic progress toward a degree. However, as can be seen below, it still tends to lag actual performance by a few years. The rate is calculated by giving one point per student-athlete for each semester the student-athlete is both eligible and is retained or still enrolled in the university. For example, if a roster has 15 individuals, there are 60 possible points or 30 per semester. If the 15 accumulate 30 eligibility points (meaning they were all eligible in both semesters) but four transfer at the end of the spring semester - even though they were in good academic standing - the retention points only add up to 26, so the APR is calculated by adding the retention and eligibility points and dividing by the maximum points or in this example 60. 56/60 is 93.3 and for reporting purposes this percentage is multiplied by 10 to get to 933.

Since Purdue was specifically cited, we felt additional context and background should be provided. We are very proud of the track record of our men's basketball program over the last five years. The data supplied in the article was published in June of 2010 and covers the academic years 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08 and 2008-09. The data cited in the article is composed of the following annual APR figures:

Year - APR Score (1000 is a perfect score)
2005-06 - 865
2006-07 - 846
2007-08 - 956
2008-09 - 1,021
Four-year Average - 919

While the 2005-06 and 2006-07 numbers were affected by a number of transfers which adversely affected retention, the actual team academic performance was showing an upward trend. Plans were put in place to enhance the APR in 2005-06 and, as can be seen below, have had a significant positive impact.

Year - APR Score
2008-09 - 1,021 (addition of a bonus from the graduation of Jaraan Cornell)
2009-10 - 1,000

In May of 2011, we will report the 2009-10 data and it will replace the 2005-06 data leaving us with a APR score of 954. In May of 2012, we expect to post a score of 1,000, which will replace the 2006-07 data and leave us with a projected APR of 995.

Over that same four-year time frame, the Purdue men's basketball team has seen its team grade-point average rise from a 2.84 in 2006-07 to its current level of 3.13. This is the most accurate real time indicator and will support continuing improvement in the APR and graduation rate data.

The following is a listing of each senior class at Purdue since 2007 and their current academic progress:

Keaton Grant - Graduated
Chris Kramer - Graduated
Mark Wohlford - Graduated

Nemanja Calasan - Graduated
Marcus Green - Graduated
Chris Reid - Graduated

Tarrance Crump - Graduated

The three seniors currently on the roster, Robbie Hummel, JaJuan Johnson and E'Twaun Moore, were all on pace to graduate from Purdue this May in four years. Johnson and Moore will earn their diplomas, while Hummel, who injured his knee prior to this season, will return for a fifth year in 2011-12 and is on course to graduate in May of 2012.

Since 2006-07, Purdue has had 16 players recognized with Academic All-Big Ten honors, including tying a school record with six honorees in 2009-10.

Additionally, Moore garnered Academic All-America honors in 2009-10 and is a finalist for 2011 Lowe's Senior CLASS Award, which is presented annually to a senior student-athlete that demonstrates notable achievements in four areas of excellence: community, classroom, character and competition.




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