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Feb. 5, 2008

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Coach Painter Quotes

On the game...
"We did a much better job rebounding the ball in the second half. In that last 10 minutes we made more shots and did a better job on the glass. We got them to take some ill-advised shots and caused some turnovers. We did a good job keeping our focus on Penn State."

On E'Twaun Moore...
"He's just picking his shots better. He's playing more efficient and getting into the flow of what we're doing."

On being ranked...
"We talked about getting ranked. The challenge isn't getting ranked, but the real challenge is to keep being ranked throughout the season."

On Scott Martin...
"He sprained both of his ankles this year. We're just going to wait and see and try and get him ready for practice on Thursday."

On Marcus Green...
"Marcus Green and Tarrance Crump were great for us off the bench against Illinois."

On the Paint Crew...
"I told our guys these are things to get excited about. The fact that people are waiting outside to watch you play is something to get excited about. It shows the nation that basketball is important in the state of Indiana and at Purdue University."

On Kris Kramer...
"He's been solid for us as a defensive stopper and he keeps the flow of the offense going. He's a good team guy, very unselfish, and that's what you need to win games. He's a great guy to have on the team and to coach."

On eight Big Ten wins in a row...
"I'm proud of our guys for not getting too down around Christmas time; we could have crumbled. It makes you realize we could lose to anyone at anytime, but we have beat some tough teams. I'm proud of our staff and players and we're going to stay the course. It's not a 10 game season, we have a lot of basketball left to play."

Guard Robbie Hummel

On Purdue's defense ... "Penn State did a good job in the first half of running their offense. Obviously they're a good team. They beat Michigan State last week. In the second half, we just had to defend better. I think we did play better defense in the second half."

On teammate Marcus Green's performance ... "I thought Marcus had a great game tonight. Obviously, he had seven rebounds, but it wasn't just that. He made some hustle plays. When he batted the ball off of the guy at the end of the game, I thought that was a big play. I think Green just does all the intangibles that don't always show up on the stat sheet. Maybe it's not always scoring with him, but I think he just does a little bit of everything."

Guard E'Twaun Moore

On Marcus Green's role ... "It's just great. He has great management and he gets us going and makes sure we're intact. He'll stay on us and make sure we do what we have to do."

On his continued maturation ... "I've just got to be patient and play the game. Every game is different. The tempo's different so you just go with the flow. I've been reading defense and learning when to shoot and when to drive. That's just something that I've been starting to pick up and learn. As you get older, those are things that just come naturally."

Guard Marcus Green

On Purdue's halftime adjustments ... "We went in at halftime and just made a point that we need to have more energy. I felt in the first half, as a unit, we didn't have a lot of energy so that was just the key in the second half. Just come out and have a lot of energy. Turn the intensity up and let the crowd get into it."

On the praise from his teammates ... "It feels good to hear that from these guys coming into the program, but you have to give them credit, too. Coming into a program and contributing right away and living up to all the expectations everybody had for them. I think they really took to it well and followed what Coach wants us to do. Tonight, Robbie had a really good game scoring and defending. E'Twaun didn't force things and just let the game come to him. It's just the character of our team. It's not about individuals; it's about Purdue. Right now, I like the way things are going and we're moving in the right direction but we're still going to get better."

Ed DeChellis, Penn State head coach

On effects of losing junior forward Jemelle Cornley to injury...
"Cornley leaving the game was big. With him not coming back, it was tough. He can physically do some things with the ball. We can ball screen him and run some roll plays, but we didn't have that option anymore."

On the flow of tonight's game...
"(Purdue) got us on the glass in the second half. They just outrebounded us. They played well tonight. (Robbie) Hummel hit some big shots late. (Marcus) Green banked in that three off the glass. When that happened, I knew the basketball gods weren't looking down on us tonight."

On Purdue's balanced attack...
"That's what's special about them. They can beat you in so many ways. Keaton (Grant) didn't score tonight, but (Marcus) Green did. They have six or seven guys that can beat you on any given night. They're a really good team and really well-balanced."