July 11, 1997

Purdue Receives Letter of Inquiry from NCAA

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - The NCAA has notified Purdue University that it intends to conduct a preliminary inquiry into certain allegations leveled against the departments this past year.

This announcement via a letter received July 8, 1997, is the expected second step in the NCAA's normal three-step procedure in dealing with allegations of possible rules violations. The first step consists of information gathering by the NCAA and may include contacts with individuals to solicit information concerning the allegations. The NCAA may or may not share information with the member school. In this instance, the NCAA has not shared all information with us. We have been at the first-step level since last fall when anonymous allegations first surfaced in the media. The latest contact takes us to the second step, the purpose of which is to determine whether there is adequate evidence to go to the third and final stop in the complaint resolutions process: an official investigation. The second step will lead us to discussions with the NCAA which will allow us to better understand the information upon which the inquiry is based.

The preliminary letter of inquiry has informed us of possible violations involving recruiting offers, inducements and extra benefits to a former student-athlete by representatives of the athletics interests (boosters) and some of the current members of the men's basketball coaching staff.

At this juncture, there has not been a complete sharing of information between the NCAA and Purdue, so we are not in a postion to offer any additional comments. It is not clear how long this stop will take, but we hope the work that has been done to date will allow for a prompt resolution of the matter.

Purdue's goal is to operate athletic programs that are competitive, clean and in full compliance with the rules of the NCAA. We will continue to cooperate fully with the NCAA and to deal appropriately with any issues that may surface.


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