Membership Levels

John Purdue Club memberships range from the First Team level to the Champion level and are based on annual giving amounts. Annual memberships begin at just $17/month ($200 annually). Benefits, including priority ticket location and parking, a complimentary subscription to Gold & Black Illustrated and invitations to exclusive events, increase with both the level and duration of support.

Donor Levels

    ChampionThe cost of an in-state scholarship for one year (2013-14 = $20,810)
    Hall of Fame$15,000 - Champion
    Olympian$7,500 - $14,999
    All-American$2,500 - $7,499
    MVP$1,000 - $2,499
    Captain$500 - $999
    First Team$200 - $499

Life memberships are available at the Captain, MVP, All-American, Olympian and Champion levels. Life memberships at the Champion level are named, endowed scholarships.

Life Memberships

    Champion $400,000*
    Hall of Fame$300,000
    MVP $25,000

*Interest income from the Endowment creates lasting legacies for Purdue Athletics. Donors may choose to endow a general athletics scholarship or one for a particular sport, major or attribute. By becoming a Life Champion, you provide a student-athlete with the opportunity to receive a Purdue education that includes tuition and fees, room and board, and books for one academic year.