Purdue Quotes on Big Ten Expansion
Maryland has joined the Big Ten Conference as the league's 13th member.

Nov. 19, 2012

Official Big Ten Conference Release

Acting President Timothy D. Sands
"We welcome the University of Maryland to the Big Ten Conference. As a fellow member of the Association of American Universities, Maryland's academic prestige and research tradition will advance the rigorous education standards sustained by Purdue and our existing Big Ten partners. Historically, Big Ten schools have worked together to be leaders in both higher education and in athletics. We look forward to collaborating with the University of Maryland to advance learning and discovery."

Athletics Director Morgan Burke
"Maryland is a perfect fit for the Big Ten Conference with strong academics and a rich athletics tradition as one of seven charter members of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Maryland expands the Big Ten footprint and strengthens its brand with the nation's eighth-largest local television market in Washington D.C."

Men's Basketball Coach Matt Painter
"From a basketball standpoint, adding Maryland to the Big Ten is a positive. They have a great basketball tradition, and they have a great coach in Mark Turgeon. We have a lot of different styles in our league, but when you get down to it, we have some pretty tough, blue-collar coaches, and he fits that identity. I've known him for a long time, and I have a lot of respect for what he's doing at Maryland."

Volleyball Coach Dave Shondell
"I think Jim Delaney is the best conference commissioner in college athletics. He has made a lot of good moves, and I think this is going to be another good one. It is interesting and exciting to try to anticipate what this will do for our conference. It is going to create some unique situations with scheduling, which has been a big topic of conversation at our coaches meetings since Nebraska joined. Conferences are getting larger and larger. Right now, football is the only sport that has gone to divisions. I think at some point divisions might lend themselves to other sports like volleyball and basketball."

Wrestling Coach Scott Hinkel
"Maryland is another power wrestling team to add to our already amazing conference. Their coach, Kerry McCoy, wrestled at Penn State, so he knows what he is getting into, and he will have his team ready to compete. We are excited to get to wrestle Maryland this weekend, and it's something we will get accustomed to now that they are joining the Big Ten."

Purdue vs. Maryland
Baseball: 0-1 (only meeting in 2012)
Men's Basketball: 0-0
Women's Basketball: 1-4 (1-1 in NCAA Tournament)
Football: 0-1 (only meeting in 2006 Champs Sports Bowl)
Women's Soccer: 0-0
Softball: 1-0 (only meeting in 2000)
Volleyball: 0-0
Wrestling: 0-1 (only meeting in 2010 - face Nov. 24 at Northeast Duals in Troy, N.Y.)