2013-14 Men's Basketball Parking Information
Ronnie Johnson and the 2013-14 Boilermakers play their exhibition opener on Wednesday, Oct. 30, against Indianapolis.

Oct. 22, 2013

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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - As in the past, parking for men's basketball season-ticket holders was allocated based on active John Purdue Club membership level and priority points. Each member with men's basketball season tickets was eligible to purchase one parking pass based on his or her membership level, with additional passes available in the upper lots based on the number of tickets a member has and availability.

Membership level and priority point cutoffs for lower lot parking passes continued to remain at a high level due to high demand.

Parking allocation for the 2013-14 men's basketball season is as follows:

* All John Purdue Club members at the All-American level and above who had at least 700 points received one parking pass in the lower parking lots.

* All-Americans with less than 700 points, MVP, Captain and First Team members received upper parking lot assignments.

* Access to the G, H, U and Y lots still requires proof of a state-issued handicap placard or handicap license plate at the time of lot entry, and passes were allocated based on membership level and priority points, in that order. These lots will service those who require handicap accessibility.



Shuttle service to and from the upper parking lots again will be offered. Fans are shuttled from the pick-up point to the East Gate (along Northwestern Avenue) of Mackey Arena. After the game, fans are picked up at the East Gate and returned to the drop-off points in the upper parking lots. Handicap-accessible shuttles will continue to service the H Lot.