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Women's Standings
Michigan 148
Penn State 126.5
Illinois 90
Ohio State 86
Michigan State 75
Purdue 64.5
Indiana 63.5
Minnesota 63
Wisconsin 60.50
Iowa 42

As of 5:30 p.m., CT, Sunday, May 16 Complete Results
Men's Standings
Wisconsin 165
Minnesota 157
Ohio State 105
Indiana 92
Illinois 74
Purdue 62.5
Penn State 54.5
Michigan 41
Michigan State 34
Iowa 31

As of 5:31 p.m., CT, Sunday, May 16
Final Results

Schedule of Events
Friday, May 14th

NoonDecathlon 100-meters
12:15Heptathlon 100-meters hurdles
12:45Decathlon long jump
12:55Heptathlon high jump
1:30M hammer throw
(trials and finals)
1:30W pole vault (trails and finals)
2:00Decathlon shot put
2:45Decathlon high jump
2:50Heptathlon shot put
3:30W hammer throw
(trials and finals)
4:00Heptathlon 200-meters
5:00Decathlon 400-meters
6:30M 10,000-meters
7:15W 10,000-meters
Saturday, May 15th

9:30Decathlon 110-meter hurdles
10:10Decathlon discus
10:15Heptathlon long jump
11:20Decathlon pole vault
11:30Heptathlon javelin
1:15Decathlon javelin
1:20M long jump (trials and finals)
1:45Heptathlon 800-meters
2:10W 4x100-meter relay (trials)
2:15M high jump (trials and finals)
2:20M 4x100-meter relay (trials)
2:30W 1500-meters (trials)
2:35M discus (trials and finals)
2:50M 1500-meters (trials)
3:10Decathlon 1500-meters
3:20W 400-meters (trials)
3:30W shot put (trials and finals)
3:35M 400-meters (trials)
3:50W 100-meters (trials)
4:05M 100-meters (trials)
4:20W 100-meter hurdles (trials)
4:35W long jump (trials and finals)
4:35M 110-meter hurdles (trials)
4:50W 800-meters (trials)
5:15M 800-meters (trials)
5:20W javelin (trials and finals)
5:25W 200-meters (trials)
5:40M 200-meters (trials)
5:55W 400-meter hurdles (trials)
6:15M 400-meter hurdles (trials)
6:30M 3,000-meter steeplechase
6:45W 3,000-meter steeplechase
Sunday, May 16th

11:40W triple jump (trials and finals)
11:45W discus (trials and finals)
12:30M shot put (trials and finals)
12:30M pole vault (trials and finals)
12:45W 4x100-meter relay (finals)
12:45M 4x100-meter relay (finals)
1:05W 1500-meters (finals)
1:15M 1500-meters (finals)
1:20W high jump (trials and finals)
1:25W 100-meter hurdles (finals)
1:35M 110-meter hurdles (finals)
1:40W 400-meters (finals)
1:45M 400-meters (finals)
1:50W 100-meters (finals)
1:55M 100-meters (finals)
2:00M triple jump (trials and finals)
2:00M javelin (trials and finals)
2:03W 800-meters (finals)
2:08M 800-meters (finals)
2:18W 400-meter hurdles (finals)
2:28M 400-meter hurdles (finals)
2:35W 200-meters (finals)
2:42M 200-meters (finals)
2:49W 5000-meters (finals)
3:11M 5000-meters (finals)
3:33W 4x400-meter relay
(sections if necessary)
3:45M 4x400-meter relay
(sections if necessary)


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