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The student-athletes are the driving force behind our staff. The strength coaches are dedicated to the development and success of all student-athletes. The foundation is the relationship between the strength coach and student-athletes, which allows for programs geared toward the individual. The goal of our strength staff is to develop a holistic approach to training by including all facets of sports performance, which include sports medicine, sports nutrition, sports psychology and sports science. It is our mission to provide innovative programs based on the latest research in an effort to provide our student-athletes an edge over the competition both in the Big Ten Conference and nationally.

For Jennifer Jones, director of strength & conditioning for Purdue Athletics, her philosophy has evolved with the strength & conditioning profession. Jones' doctrine incorporates three pillars: mind, body and spirit.

Mind: Each training session helps to develop mental toughness, and leadership skills needed to perform at a high level.

Body: One of our main program goals are transform the student-athlete's body, and increase athleticism, which allows them to perform at a high level of competition.

Spirit: It is Jones' belief that a strength coach must develop a solid relationship with the student-athlete based on trust and respect. That relationship allows her to push athletes to reach their highest potential. By developing a solid relationship with each student-athlete, Jones is able to motivate student-athletes based on their personal sport goals.


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