Strength & Conditioning

Charged with the task of assisting each student-athlete in maximizing his or her potential, the Purdue strength and conditioning staff creates specialized workout programs that focus on the enhancement of physical abilities and the prevention of injury.

The ability of Purdue athletes to compete at their highest levels of performance is largely determined by their physical level of development and preparation. A year-round training program is essential in developing their physical abilities, as well as to prepare their bodies for the potential stress that may result in injury.

The typical training program for a Purdue student-athlete consists of a complex combination of training that provide various stages of physical development throughout different periods of the year. The training programs include Olympic weight training exercises, free weight and machine weight training exercises, conditioning, flexibility and plyometrics. Each component is essential for performance enhancement and injury prevention.

In conjunction with the training programs, each student-athlete is provided with a daily assessment of progress and training prescription for each exercise within the program. The system for this, designed by the staff, provides a unique advantage that lends success to the training programs by maximizing progression and intensity.

Purdue student-athletes train in the Mollenkopf Athletic Center and the Intercollegiate Athletic Facility (IAF), each of which houses some of the latest in training equipment, including free weights, Olympic platforms, power racks, and Hammer and Cybex training machines, as well as cardiovascular and plyometric equipment.

The staff, program and facilities, along with the medical and athletic training staffs, offer Purdue student-athletes every advantage to maximize their athletic potential and their careers as student-athletes at Purdue University.


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