Strategic Plan 2008-2014
Purdue University, Division of Intercollegiate Athletics

Strategic Plan

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Purdue University's Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is a self-supporting auxiliary enterprise within the university, and it is one of the front porches for the university. It unites alums, it forges lifelong ties with students, it entices future Boilermakers to apply for admission, and it provides opportunities for some 500 young men and women each year to pursue excellence in competition and in the classroom, a dual goal we have named the "25/85 Club."

In 1994, our composite ranking of athletic and academic success was 100th out of the nearly 300 NCAA Division I schools. Recently, we have been in the top 25 to 50 programs in the country. It is now time to increase our focus on achieving the 25/85 designation; only six universities achieved this designation in 2007-08, and to strive to improve to become one of the elite programs in the country.

This strategic plan is designed to accelerate improvement in our performance by creating a focus on six goals designed to:
• Provide opportunity to talented young student-athletes
• Solidify our national standing among the elite programs in the country, and
• Provide a visible example of how the intercollegiate model can produce outstanding leaders for the 21st century

The execution of our plan will require diligent effort by all involved and support from all our John Purdue Club members and fans.

The time to Accelerate and Finish is NOW!

Boiler Up!

Morgan J. Burke
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Purdue University


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