Purdue Intercollegiate Athletics Hall Of Fame

The Purdue Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame consists of 135 inductees. An 11-person committee, made up of six former athletes and five administrators, selects each class from nominations solicited from fans, athletes and coaches. There is a five-year waiting period from the time a former athlete, coach or administrator leaves Purdue before he or she may be selected. There are two permanent display areas for the Hall of Fame - in the Sally & Bob Weist Plaza between Mackey Arena and Holloway Gymnasium and on the upper level of the Mackey Complex wing. Click on the name of the Hall of Famer below to see the video feature played at his or her induction ceremony.

Class Of 1994
Keith Carter - Swimming
Terry Dischinger - Basketball, Baseball
Ray Ewry - Track and Field
W.P. "Dutch" Fehring - Baseball, Football, Basketball
Bob Griese - Football, Basketball
Leroy Keyes - Football
Ward "Piggy" Lambert - Basketball, Baseball
Guy J. "Red" Mackey - Football, Administration
Jack Mollenkopf - Football
Rick Mount - Basketball
Jane (Neff) Myers - Volleyball
Arnold Plaza - Wrestling
John Wooden - Basketball

Class Of 1995
Joe Barry Carroll - Basketball
Lamar Lundy - Football, Basketball
Orval Martin - Track and Field, Cross Country
Charles "Stretch" Murphy - Basketball
Mike Phipps - Football
Chris Schenkel - Honorary
James H. Smart - Honorary
Sam Voinoff - Golf, Football
Carol (Emanuel) Young - Basketball

Class Of 1996
Lawrence Burton - Track and Field, Football
Len Dawson - Football
John DeCamp - Honorary
Frederick Hovde - Honorary
William "Pinky" Newell - Administration
Dave Schellhase - Basketball
Bill "Moose" Skowron - Baseball, Football
Hank Stram - Football, Baseball

Class Of 1997
Otis Armstrong - Football
Dr. Loyal "Bill" Combs - Football, Administration
Joy (Holmes) Harris - Basketball
Mark Herrmann - Football
Elmer Oliphant - Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track and Field
Fred Wampler - Golf

Class Of 1998
Tim Foley - Football
Noble Kizer - Football, Administration
Duane Purvis - Football, Track and Field
Dave Rankin - Football, Track and Field
Cathey Tyree - Basketball, Track and Field
Jeanne (Wilson) Vaughan - Honorary
Jewell Young - Basketball, Baseball

Class Of 1999
Bernie Allen - Football, Baseball
Bob DeMoss - Football, Administration
Jim Everett - Football
Paul Hoffman - Basketball, Baseball
Marianne (Smith) Orr - Volleyball
Joe Patacsil - Wrestling

Class Of 2000
Adam Abele - Tennis
Tom Bettis - Football
Andrea Marek - Track and Field
Claude Reeke - Wrestling
Joe Rudolph - Honorary
Joe Sexson - Basketball, Baseball
Elmer Sleight - Football

Class Of 2001
Joe Campbell - Golf, Basketball
Sybil (Perry) Caruthers - Track and Field
Edward Elliott - Honorary
Cecil Isbell - Football
Bob King - Basketball, Administration
George King - Basketball, Administration
Dale Samuels - Football, Administration
Fred Wilt - Cross Country, Track and Field

Class Of 2003
Carol Dewey - Volleyball
Bernie Flowers - Football
Charles Jones - Wrestling
John Konsek - Golf
Ralph Welch - Football
Debbie (McDonald) West - Volleyball
Rod Woodson - Football, Track and Field
Corissa Yasen - Track and Field, Basketball

Class Of 2004
Jim Beirne - Football
Dave Butz - Football
Casey Fredericks - Wrestling
Becky (Cotta) Kirsininkas - Cross Country, Track and Field
Amy Ruley - Honorary
Darryl Stingley - Football
Harry Szulborski - Football
Jim Young - Football, Administration

Class Of 2006
Mike Alstott - Football
Steven C. Beering - Honorary
Herm Gilliam - Basketball
Kim (Fritsch) Morstadt - Swimming
Dick Papenguth - Swimming
Glenn Robinson - Basketball
Leo Sugar - Football
Carol (Pence) Taylor - Honorary
Keena Turner - Football
Stephanie White - Basketball

Class Of 2007
Don Albert - Golf
Darrel "Pete" Brewster - Football, Basketball
Ray Eddy - Basketball, Administration
Ukari Figgs - Basketball
Billy Keller - Basketball
Bob Kessler - Basketball
Ed Langford - Track and Field
Felix Mackiewicz - Baseball, Football
Ned Maloney - Football, Administration

Class Of 2009
Erich Barnes - Football
Denny Blind - Baseball, Basketball
Drew Brees - Football
Boris "Babe" Dimancheff - Football
Katie Douglas - Basketball
Dave and Joe Lilovich - Wrestling
Jamie McNeair-Reese - Track and Field
Jo-Ann Price - Honorary
Dave Young - Football

Class Of 2010
Jeff Bolin - Track and Field
MaChelle Joseph - Basketball
Gene Keady - Basketball
Carl McNulty - Basketball
Henry Rosenthal - Honorary
Jerry Shay - Football
"The Three Amigos": Troy Lewis, Todd Mitchell and Everette Stephens - Basketball

Class Of 2012
Fred Beretta, Basketball
Gary Danielson, Football
C.S. "Pop" Doan, Baseball, Football, Administration
Lin Dunn, Basketball
Walt Eversman, Swimming
Jerry Sichting, Basketball
Toyinda (Smith) Wilson-Long, Track and Field
Jeff Zgonina, Football

Class Of 2013
Tony Butkovich - Football
Alpha Jamison - Football, Baseball, Track and Field, Basketball
Matt Light - Football
Stacey Lovelace - Basketball
Willie Merriweather - Basketball
Carol Mertler - Field Hockey, Administration
Serene Ross - Track and Field
Joe Tiller - Football
Dick Walbaum - Administration