Vision / Mission

Our Vision

A championship-caliber athletics organization that is excellent in all respects and is a consistent member of the "25/85 Club."

Our Mission

Collectively aspiring to win championships - both athletically and academically - we will engage and inspire all constituencies to support the broader University pursuit of preeminence. We will attract the very best student-athletes, coaches, and staff and retain the engaged involvement of former student-athletes.

The very best will execute this mission sharing a common set of values - integrity, mutual respect, a belief in hard work, team work, a commitment to inclusiveness - and the courage to lead. They will be the Purdue Athletics' brand and continue to enhance our reputation while being pleased with every aspect of their experience at Purdue University.

A financially self-supporting environment will provide the resources for coaches and staff to develop championship programs.

Execution of our mission and achievement of the vision requires focus on six goals:

All sports will place in the top 25 nationally. Consistent performance at this level will see us competing for Big Ten and NCAA championships.

Student-athletes will perform at or above the all-campus cumulative grade-point average. All Purdue teams will have a graduation success rate (GSR) equal to or better than sport-specific Division 1-A GSR.

Marketing and Development plans will be designed and executed to generate revenue. All financial resources will be allocated in pursuit of the vision and managed to ensure that we provide scholarships, quality academic support services, competitive operating budgets, and comprehensive facilities.

In an atmosphere that upholds and embraces inclusiveness among all constituencies, we will provide champion-caliber participation opportunities that recognize and reinforce gender and ethnic equality for all student-athletes.

The student-athletes, coaches, and staff will live their shared values as the role models that they are, so that people "experience" Purdue Athletics with respect, admiration, and pride. All decisions will be communicated in a manner to create, project and enhance this strong intercollegiate athletic brand.

We will identify, cultivate, and reinforce those student-athletes, coaches, and staff members who are willing to lead by example, who are committed to thorough implementation and who challenge the status quo.