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Women's Basketball FAQ's

Why are we reallocating the seats?
Once the Mackey Complex Project is complete, many factors will combine to create a completely new manifest of seats in the arena. These changes include additional ADA seating, a new tunnel and premium seats. The sales capacity of the arena will also decrease. Therefore, the only fair way to determine seat locations after the renovation is to completely reallocate Mackey Arena for men's and women's basketball, based on your John Purdue Club priority points.

What is the priority point deadline?
Priorities for seat reallocation will be based on John Purdue Club members' priority point totals as of March 31, 2011.

Will seat selection be based solely on John Purdue Club priority points?
Yes, all John Purdue Club members' selection times will be based solely on priority points.

How far am I likely to move when the reallocation takes place?
Several factors will determine where your seats will be located after the renovation. Obviously every effort will be made to inconvenience our fans as little as possible, while at the same time maintaining a fair process. All current season-ticket holders are likely to move, even if it is just a seat or a row because we will be working with a completely new seating manifest. Personal preferences such as aisle seating, number of stairs to climb or descend, etc. will determine your particular seat location.

Is there a membership level requirement to get seats in the lower arena for women's basketball?
No, all John Purdue Club season-ticket holders are eligible for lower arena seats for women's basketball. Seats will be allocated based on John Purdue Club priority points.

What are the quantity limits per level allowed for priority upper and lower arena tickets?
First Team - 2
Captain - 2
MVP - 4
All-American - 8
Olympian - 10
Champion - 12

What if I have historically maintained more tickets than the stated ticket quantity restrictions?
John Purdue Club members maintaining more tickets than the quantity restrictions prior to the reallocation will be allowed to order the number of tickets that they have maintained in the past.

What if I would like to order more than the limit?
John Purdue Club members will be emailed an application for additional men's basketball season tickets in mid-May. Any JPC member that would like additional season tickets beyond their quantity restriction can fill out the form and email, fax, or mail it back to the Athletic Ticket Office by June 30, 2011.

How do I select my seats?
Individual seat selection is available for John Purdue Club members and may be done in one of three ways:

Members can log on to a secure website. From this site, they will be able to select their seats. The site will also allow members a 3-D view of the court while selecting their seats. Please note that the Athletic Ticket Office must have a current email address for anyone to order online.

In Person
Members can come to the Athletic Ticket Office to select and pay for their seats.

Over The Phone
Athletic Ticket Office and John Purdue Club staff members will be able to help members choose seats and place their orders over the phone.

After selecting seats online, a confirmation page will list your seat selection and the total ticket price (including Legacy Fund contribution). An online invoice will be processed within 2 business days, and you will receive an email informing you of where to make your payment within 30 days or seats will be released. Payment can be paid in full or in 4 installments.

Will I be able to purchase parking and Big Ten Tournament tickets when I select my seats for men's or women's basketball online?
No, parking and Big Ten Tourney tickets can be purchased when you receive your invoice after seat selection.

Will a minimum annual seat contribution to the annual fund for scholarships be required in order to buy a ticket for basketball?
Yes. The Legacy Fund is the next step for Purdue Intercollegiate Athletics toward the goal of national prominence and the "25/85 Club" while continuing to ensure financial self-sufficiency in future years. This investment will allow us to keep pace with escalating operating costs associated with supporting our 500 student-athletes. The Legacy Fund contribution is an annual per seat obligation in addition to the cost of the ticket and designated John Purdue Club membership requirements for seating.

The Legacy Fund donation for women's basketball will be $10 for each lower arena seat and $5 for each upper arena seat.

Will we have ordering time slots based on priority points like we had for Ross-Ade Stadium reallocation?
Yes, John Purdue Club members will receive a mailing that will include ordering instructions and a specific time slot of when they will be eligible to begin purchasing season tickets. These time slots will be based on priority point totals. Non-John Purdue Club members will be able to select their seats after all John Purdue Club members have ordered.

What if I miss my designated time slot for ordering?
The time slots for John Purdue Club members have a start date, but not an ending date. Therefore, members can select their seats any time after their designated start date, but not before that date.

What are my options for renewing my season tickets?
Information for men's and women's basketball season tickets for 2011-12 has been mailed to all members. You can purchase your season tickets at the Athletic Ticket Office in person, call the ticket office to place your order, or order your tickets online. In order to select your tickets, however, you will need to have Internet access. All fans that have access to the Internet will be able to take advantage of an added online feature. Fans can view a map of the arena on the reallocation webpage that shows the seats in each section that are available. This map will be updated during the reallocation process to give fans a better idea of where their seats may be located.

I have had season tickets for years, but never joined the John Purdue Club. Will I have any reward for my loyalty?
An option that would allow you to capitalize on your loyalty to Purdue Men's or Women's Basketball through consecutive season-ticket purchases would be to join the John Purdue Club prior to the March 31, 2011, deadline. Doing so would activate the priority points associated with those ticket purchases. Aside from capturing the priority points for purchasing season tickets over the years, you also receive 50 priority points for joining the Club.

Students don't accumulate priority points. How will their seating be handled?
The reallocation process will not affect student seating for women's basketball. A block of tickets will be reserved for the student section as it has in past years. Lower arena seating will be general admission for students.

Is an active John Purdue Club membership required by the March 31, 2011, to be a part of the JPC priority group within the reallocation process?
Yes, a JPC active current membership is required to be eligible for points by March 31, 2011, in order to select seats.

How do we order season tickets as a group or with friends?
All fans who wish to sit together will need to order at the same time. Each member will select at the selection time of the John Purdue Club member in your group with the lowest point total to ensure availability of seating.

When can we order premium seating?
Club and Courtside seating can be purchased any time while supplies last by calling the John Purdue Club at (765) 494-3248 or toll free at (800) 213-2239.

Is the Legacy Fund gift tax deductible since it is not part of the ticket price?
The Legacy Fund gift is 80 percent tax deductible. It will also earn priority points at one (1) point per $100.

Will ticket prices increase in addition to Legacy Fund?
The price of the season ticket package will be $132 for the 2011-12 season.

If I purchase premium seating, will I have to pay the seat license and the Legacy Fund?
No, you will only pay the seat license per seat.

Are the sections being renumbered in Mackey Arena?
Yes, we are renumbering sections so that when fans enter the main entrance along Northwestern Avenue they are entering at Section 1 and Section 18 making it simpler for fans to navigate Mackey Arena.

Who sits in the reserved seats shown on the seating diagrams for men's and women's basketball?
The reserved seats are for coach and player guests, visitors, sponsors, recruits and letter winners from the participating team.

Will the new NCAA regulation size scorer's table and player benches impede sight lines?
Yes, the lower three rows will encounter slight view obstructions from those seated at the scorer's table and benches.

Are you expanding ADA capacity to meet new guidelines?
Yes, we are expanding ADA space to remain in compliance.

Will the top row of the lower bowl have a wall directly behind it next year?
It will not have a wall behind it with the area being updated to accommodate additional ADA space.

How do you get ADA accommodations?
Fans interested in ADA seating should contact the Athletic Ticket Office at 1-800-49-SPORT or sporttix@purdue.edu.

When will lower arena seat selections begin?
Seat selections and allocation will begin in late April and conclude in June.

Can we select men's and women's tickets on the same day?
Yes, however if you choose to select your seats online, you must log on to a different site to select women's basketball season tickets.

What is the price for women's basketball premium seating?

Seat License Fee* Season Ticket Price Total
Club Seating$100$132$232
Courtside Seating (Rows 2-4)$200$132$332
Courtside Seating (Row 1)$300$132$432

* The seat license fee is partially tax-deductable and will increase slightly each year based on contract length.

Any donor that purchases men's premium seats will have the option to have women's premium seats for the cost of the women's season ticket.

Are there any plans for the arena to have chair back seating throughout the arena?
Not at this time.

Why does the arena need two tunnels?
The second tunnel is being added for safety reasons, and the distance to the new visiting locker room will be significantly closer ensuring no unnecessary advantages.

When will I receive a notice stating my selection date and time?
By mid to late April, you will receive a postcard with your exact date and time for selection. You also should receive an email one week prior to your selection date stating your date, time and pin number used to log-in for seat selection.


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