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Pyramid Block Seminars
No. 1: Loyalty ~ Gene Keady
No. 2: Competitive Greatness ~ Bill Polian
No. 3: Enthusiasm ~ Carolyn Peck
No. 4: Initiative ~ Keith Krach

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Mission Statement
The Purdue University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is committed to the total development of each of its student-athletes. One key component in their development is leadership. The John R. Wooden Leadership Institute is a vehicle to help young people grow and develop the tools to become tomorrow's leaders. The Wooden Institute will utilize as its foundation John Wooden's own Pyramid of Success. Purdue student-athletes will attend both classes and seminars as they focus on each of the strategic building blocks that Coach Wooden thought so valuable.

2013-14 Meeting Dates
Boilermaker Athletic CouncilEmerging Leaders
6:15 a.m. - All-American Dining Room8 p.m. - Kissell Center
Sept. 10Sept. 10
Oct. 9Oct. 9
Nov. 12Nov. 12
Dec. 3 (8 p.m.)Dec. 3 (6:15 a.m.)
Jan. 15Jan. 15
Feb. 11Feb. 11
March 12March 12
April 15April 15

The John R. Wooden Leadership Institute will be under the direction of Cathy Wright-Eger. Cathy is the leadership advisor within the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at Purdue University. The monthly seminars discussing the pyramid blocks will be taught by current athletics department administrators, coaches, institutional administrators, alumni, and corporate leaders. The pyramid block seminars are in addition to the current leadership components of the institute. The current components include:

  • Monthly meetings of the Boilermaker Athletic Council
  • Monthly meetings of the Emerging Leaders
  • Fall and Spring EDPS courses for freshmen student-athletes
  • Transition programs for exhausted eligibility student-athletes
  • Community service projects
  • D.I.S.C. Behavioral Assessment

The John R. Wooden Leadership Institute will utilize resources developed by Coach Wooden. Resources will include the legendary Pyramid of Success, the teachings of Coach Wooden and books written by Coach Wooden. The curriculum will include a public service component during each year of enrollment at Purdue University.

John R. Wooden Institute Certificate of Achievement
Purdue student-athletes that complete the John R. Wooden Institute curriculum will receive the prestigious certificate of achievement. At the conclusion of the senior year, student-athletes must write an essay describing their experience in the institute and how they plan to utilize the teachings in the future. The certificate of achievement will be presented each year at the Senior Salute.


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