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Mission Statement
To allow Purdue University students to participate within athletics department team activities and competitions while gaining valuable work-life skills and creating relationships to last throughout their term of service and beyond graduation.
2012 Football Managers

The Purdue University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics has a long history and tradition with its student manager program. Student managers report to a full-time member of the equipment room staff and are utilized by all 18 varsity programs.

Student managers are an important part of their team's success. The following characteristics are expected of each student manager: self-motivation, leadership, loyalty, reliability, high moral standards and pride.

A good prospective student manager is any current or future full-time Purdue University student who has a passion for athletics and wants to be involved in a non-playing capacity.

Benefits are varied based on years of service and sport involvement but could include monetary payment, book scholarships, travel and varsity awards.

For more information, contact head equipment manager Mike Shandrick via email.

2010-11 Women's Basketball Managers

NCAA Bylaw 11.01.6 Manager
A manager is an individual who performs traditional managerial duties (e.g., equipment, laundry, hydration) and meets the following additional criteria The individual shall be a full-time undergraduate or graduate student (see Bylaws and, except that during his or her final semester or quarter of a degree program, he or she may be enrolled in less than a full-time program of studies, provided he or she is carrying (for credit) the courses necessary to complete the degree requirements;

a) The individual may participate in limited on-court or on-field activities during practice (e.g., assist with drills, throw batting practice) or competition (e.g., assist with warm-up activities) involving student-athletes on a regular basis;

b) The individual shall not provide instruction to student-athletes;

c) The individual shall not participate in countable athletically related activities (e.g., practice player) except as permitted in Bylaw 11.01.6-(b); and

d) In baseball, the individual shall forfeit any remaining eligibility in the sport at the institution at which the individual serves as a manager. (Adopted: 4/29/10 effective 8/1/10)

Quote / Unquote
"Being a student manager at Purdue has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have been able to learn the ins and outs of a high-level collegiate program. We are able to see and help with the daily routine of the team. It requires tremendous commitment and time management, but the relationships that are developed make it all worthwhile. I am glad that when I started out at Purdue University I chose to become a student manager." - Will Thornburg, current football manager

"Being a student manager has been one of the best experiences of my life. Although sometimes stressful and fast-paced, it's an amazing opportunity that gives you a behind-the-scenes look into a successful and historic collegiate athletic program. I have been fortunate to work with great coaches, staff and players who appreciate the work we do as managers. Being a part of the team has presented me with wonderful experiences that I would not have had otherwise, including traveling all over the United States and overseas. I have been with the team through ups and downs, and I can honestly say Purdue Athletics is a family." - Ashley Hudson, current women's basketball manager

"Student managers prove their value every day. They improve practice efficiency, provide student-athletes with invaluable support in training, tackle numerous tasks behind the scenes that allow coaches to focus on the nuts and bolts of team management and, finally, they find themselves right in amongst the action daily. They truly are part of the team." - Rob Klatte, Purdue women's soccer coach

"Being a student manager taught me many skills that I was able to transition into graduate school and to my current job today." - Jill Curtis, former football manager and currently event coordinator for the Indiana Sports Corporation

Equipment Room Staff
Mike Shandrick, Head Equipment Manager
Barry Boyd, Assistant Equipment Manager
Barb Hack, Assistant Equipment Manager
Marty Quinn, Assistant Equipment Manager
Andrew Staley, Assistant Equipment Manager
Bobbi White, Assistant Equipment Manager