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Thank you for your continued support of the Boilermakers. Please pay close attention to the following parking changes for the 2016 season. If you share your pass with others, be sure that the recipient understands and adheres to these changes, as well.

Changes for the 2016 Season:
• Box trucks and ambulances no longer are permitted in the D and T lots due to the softness of the soil on the golf course, in order preserve the world-class golf course designed by Pete Dye. Please see the above chart for alternate options for lots. The golf course superintendent reserves the right to make final decisions to all questionable vehicles on gameday.
• Due to the construction of the Football Performance Center at the north end of the Mollenkopf Athletic Center, the F lot will be reduced by 33 percent.

Reminders to those in the D, T and B lots:
• The process by and areas in which cars are parked will change, please be patient and listen to parking attendant instructions, help the attendants by communicating how many cars you entered with so that they can park you together.
• No waiting for other vehicles in your party will be allowed. You must enter at the same time as the people you want to tailgate with. No saving spots will be allowed
• The amount of space for tailgating is 10-feet by 10-feet immediately behind your vehicle and will be strictly enforced.
• All greens and tees will be off limits to ALL foot traffic and recreational activities for the 2016 season.
• No charcoal or wood fires of any kind will be allowed; only gas grills will be allowed.
• Please pay attention to additional emails and for further information regarding parking changes for the upcoming year.

If at any time before or during the season you would like to switch your parking pass to another lot, please contact the John Purdue Club office at 765.494.3248, and a staff member will be happy to exchange your pass for one in another available lot.

• Lots open eight hours prior to kickoff but not earlier than 7 a.m. ET (Lots D, T and B not earlier than 8 a.m. ET).
• RV lots open Friday at 6 p.m. ET.
• Pull behind trailers are not permitted except in RV4.
• The amount of space for tailgating is 10-feet by 10-feet immediately behind your vehicle and will be strictly enforced.
• Car permits are valid for vehicles that will fit safely into a 10-foot wide by 21-foot deep parking space. The final decision on any controversial vehicle will be made by gameday operations staff. One parking spot per vehicle. A parking pass is not valid without a vehicle.
• Permit must be displayed at all times from rearview mirror with the front of the permit facing forward.
• Permits with stubs already torn off will not be accepted by the parking attendants.
• Lost or stolen permits cannot be replaced.
• Parking is on a first-come basis. Saving spaces is not permitted.
• Vehicle should be secure at all times.
• All flames must be in an enclosed container above ground. Hot coals should be extinguished with water and put into a fireproof container before putting in trash. In grass lots, no charcoal or wood fires of any kind will be allowed; only gas grills will be allowed
• Purdue University is not liable for loss or damage to vehicle or contents.
• All parking lots close four hours after each game, with the exception of RV Lots, which close at 10 a.m. ET Sunday.

• Arrivals from the north via Interstate 65 should utilize U.S. 231 South at exit 193 and proceed to Ross-Ade Stadium by following U.S. 231 South signage.

• Arrivals from the north also can utilize SR 43 South at exit 178 and proceed to Ross-Ade Stadium by following football traffic signage to U.S. 52 (Sagamore Parkway).

• Arrivals from the south via Interstate 65 should utilize either SR 38 West at exit 168 or SR 26 West at exit 172. SR 38 will turn into Main Street and will intersect with SR 26 at which point traffic should continue westbound into West Lafayette on SR 26.

• Arrivals from the south via U.S. 231 should continue to follow U.S. 231 North signage to Ross-Ade Stadium.

• Fans parking in permit lots D, H, K, M, R, RV1, T, Z and Media will access these lots from Northwestern Avenue onto Cherry Lane westbound or from McCormick Road onto Cherry Lane eastbound to arrive at your designated lot.

• Fans parking in permit lot F will access the lot directly from Northwestern Avenue. F lot is directly north of Mackey Arena.

• Fans parking in permit lots A, C, O, P, Q, RV3, S, W and Y will access these lots from Stadium Avenue, which connects Northwestern Avenue to McCormick Road. Access also can be gained to these lots by accessing Stadium Avenue from State Street (SR 26) via northbound North University Street.

• HC/ADA parking is available in the south section of the O Lot. Please follow the directions listed above for O Lot parking. Cost is $20 without O Lot permit.

• Fans parking in the pay lots on the IM Gold fields will access this lot off McCormick Road north of State Street (SR 26). Cost is $20.

• Fans parking in the pay lots on the IM Black fields will access this lot off the south side of State Street (SR 26) on Airport Road. Cost is $20.

• RV1 and RV3 are for John Purdue Club members only and require membership. Customers should contact the JPC directly for these two lots.

• RV4 is available to the general public.

• Located at the intersection of SR 26 and Airport Road.
• $40 per RV (if pulling a trailer or RV is pulled behind a vehicle then $20 additional for trailer or vehicle).
• Space is first-come, first-served.
• Opens at 6 p.m. Friday before games. 
• RVs must be out by 10 a.m. Sunday.
• No electrical hook ups are available.
• No ground fires; elevated fire pits are permissible; parking staff will make judgment calls on "controversial" fire equipment at the lot.
• Shuttle service to stadium is free and runs from 90 minutes prior to kickoff until one hour after game ends or until last person is picked up at Ross-Ade Stadium.
• Shuttle drop off is at corner of Stadium Avenue and Russell Street (about one block from Ross-Ade Stadium).
• HC/ADA drop off is at the northwest corner of Ross-Ade Stadium.

• Two Purdue parking garages are open to the public during home football games for $10 per game. For more information, click here.

• Lots H, K, M, R, RV1, Z and Media will exit onto Cherry Lane and be directed eastbound to Northwestern ... vehicles exiting onto Cherry Lane from Beering Drive will have the option to go north or south on Northwestern Avenue ... vehicles exiting onto Cherry Lane from Wooden Drive will be directed to go south on Northwestern Avenue. 

• Lots D and T will exit onto Cherry Lane at the D Lot exit and have the option of going east or west on Cherry Lane ... vehicles choosing to go east on Cherry Lane will be directed into the far left lane at Beering Drive and directed to turn north on Northwestern Avenue ... vehicles choosing to go west on Cherry Lane will have two lane options. Both lanes will proceed one-way westbound on Cherry Lane and then one-way northbound on McCormick Road. Upon arriving at Linderberg Road and McCormick, the left lane will be forced to turn west to access U.S. 231. The right lane on McCormick Road will be forced to turn east on Lindberg in order to access Northwestern Avenue.

• Lots A, C, P, Q, and Y should exit their lots and follow the traffic pattern to Stadium Avenue. At this point they have a choice to go east on Stadium or South on Russell to State Street at which time they will be allowed to proceed east or west on State Street.

• Lots O, RV3, and W will exit to Stadium Avenue and will be directed westbound on Stadium and then north on McCormick Road.

• Lot S will be directed westbound on Stadium Avenue from the south exit or westbound on Tower Drive from the north exit and directed towards McCormick Road where traffic will follow the same directions as Lots O, RV3 and W above.

• Traffic heading for Interstate 65 North should access U.S. 231 and follow U.S. 231 to Interstate 65.

• IM Gold lot will empty onto Third Street and have the option to proceed east or west on Third.

• Those going west on Third Street will be directed to turn south on McCormick Road and directed towards State Street. At State Street, traffic will be allowed to proceed west on State Street or continue south on Airport Road. Traffic will NOT be permitted to turn eastbound on State Street.

• Those going east on Third Street should turn south toward State Street at Jischke Drive. Once at State Street, traffic will have the option of turning east or west on State Street.

• IM Black lot will be directed southbound on Airport Road to U.S. 231.

• The F Lot - located adjacent to the Mollenkopf Athletic Center - is the only reserved lot for volleyball. On a home event night, it opens at 5 p.m.

The R Lot (north of Ross-Ade Stadium) is available after 5 p.m. weekdays and all day on weekends unless otherwise posted, such as on football and basketball gamedays. Two lots also are available adjacent to the Bimel Football Practice Complex.

The A Lot (between Cary Quad and the Ross-Ade scoreboard) is open after 5 p.m. weekdays and on weekends, but only via the west side entrance. These spaces are posted as A/B parking. The east side of this lot is restricted to residence hall parking 24 hours a day unless otherwise posted such as on football and basketball gamedays.


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