Mortar Board members are selected for their superior scholarship, dedicated service to the university community, and outstanding and constant leadership. Mortar Board can be found assisting special university leaders, holding a leadership conference, backing intercollegiate athletics, and honoring staff members who are especially supportive of students. The YWCA Women's Shelter, Community and Family Resource Center , the Liberal Arts Learning Center, Span Plan, and University Day have all benefited from Mortar Board's financial assistance. Student leaders and faculty members nominate juniors they feel are deserving of the honor of being involved in Mortar Board in their senior year. The current Mortar Board class then selects the new members based on these nominations.

1979-80 Brian Walker Men's Basketball
1981-82 Anne McMenamy Volleyball
1982-83 Jane Neff Volleyball
1983-84 Jan Hoosline Volleyball
1984-85 Curt Clawson Men's Basketball
1984-85 Becky Winsett Volleyball
1985-86 Cheryl Flowers Volleyball
1988-89 Barbara Meeker Volleyball
1994-95 Tim Ervin Men's Basketball
1994-95 Cindy Lamping Women's Basketball
1995-96 Stacey Mondino Volleyball
1996-97 Sarina Harris Volleyball
1997-98 Linda Menconi Volleyball
1997-98 Jeff Schrock Men's Track & Field
1998-99 Meisha Wilson-Duvall Women's Track & Field
2000-01 Drew Brees Football
2000-01 Carson Cunningham Men's Basketball
2001-02 Seth Morales Football
2003-04 Jen Bova Volleyball
2004-05 Beth Jones Women's Basketball
2005-06 Tiffany Colvin Women's Track & Field
2005-06 Charles Davis Football
2005-06 Leah Wischmeier Volleyball
2006-07 Kara Eschbach Women's Golf
2007-08 Nancy Cross Honorary
2007-08 Shauna Stapleton Soccer
2008-09 Amy Burrell Soccer
2008-09 Lauren Mioton Women's Basketball
2008-09 Jessica Okoroafo Soccer
2009-10 Kyle Adams Football
2010-11 Joe Holland Football
2010-11 Lucas Manuel Wrestling
2011-12 Brittany Rayburn Women's Basketball
2011-12 Brookley Rogers Soccer
2012-13 Morgan Burke Honorary
2012-13 Camden Eppert Wrestling
2012-13 Mollie Kuramoto Soccer
2012-13 Andie Varsho Softball
2013-14 Soraya Toppin-Herbert Soccer
2014-15 Jamie Bissett Men's Diving
2014-15 Paul Griggs Football
2014-15 Hayden Hamby Women's Basketball
2014-15 Jimmy Herman Football
2015-16 Faye Adelaja Volleyball
2015-16 Grace Hernandez Women's Swimming
2015-16 Christa Szalach Soccer


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