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Welcome to the recruiting center for the Purdue men's and women's golf programs. Here we will have all the information regarding our program, including photos and videos of the Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex and contact information for all of our coaches. Please take a moment to fill our recruiting questionnaire and feel free to contact us by email, phone or Twitter if you have any questions or would like to set up a visit. Thanks for your interest in Purdue and #BoilerUp!

Rob Bradley

Office: (765) 494-4259
Cell: (765) 413-6370
Twitter: @RobBradley74
Jake Amos

Office: (765) 494-4259
Cell: (765) 426-5666
Twitter: @JakeAmos44

Devon Brouse

Director of Golf Operations
Office: (765) 494-2290
Cell: (765) 427-5049
Twitter: @PUGOLFBrouse
Caroline Hegg

Office: (765) 496-3935
Cell: (219) 616-6311
Twitter: @Haasinator24
Tom Spurgeon Golf Training Center | 1300 Cherry Lane | West Lafayette, IN 47907 
Phone: 765-494-4311 | Fax: 765-494-4341
Devon Brouse Director of Golf Operations
Women's Head Coach
dbrouse@purdue.edu (765) 494-2290
(765) 427-5049
Rob Bradley Men's Head Coach rdbradley@purdue.edu (765) 494-4259
(765) 413-6370
Jake Amos Men's Assistant Coach jamos@purdue.edu (765) 494-3915
(765) 426-5666
Caroline Hegg Women's Assistant Coach chaase@purdue.edu (765) 496-3935
(219) 616-6311
Pam Bales Secretary pbales@purdue.edu (765) 494-4311



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