25/85 Club

As a rallying point on the road to preeminence, Purdue Athletics administrators coined the term "25/75 Club" to articulate a vision of an intercollegiate athletics organization that achieves an average finish in the top 25 across all sports and graduates 75 percent of its student-athletes.

To better reflect graduation success, the "25/75" was altered to "25/85" and now uses as its metric the Graduation Success Rate (which better accounts for transfer activity) when the athletics department strategic plan for 2008-14 was approved by Purdue President France A. Córdova in January of 2009.

The Boilermakers are at the doorstep of the "25/85 Club." In 2007-08, Purdue finished 35th out of 300 Division I schools for the third straight year. The Graduation Success Rate presently stands at 79 percent.

In 1994, Purdue ranked 81st in the Directors' Cup and had a 59 percent graduation rate.

Only six institutions achieved "club" status in 2007-08.