Purdue Response To NCAA Reforms
Athletics director Morgan Burke.

Oct. 27, 2011

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Purdue is sorting through the details from the changes enacted this afternoon by the NCAA Board of Directors.

According to athletics director Morgan Burke, many of the changes were supported by the Big Ten Conference and the Division I-A Athletic Directors Association.

Specifically, the better prepared prospective student-athletes are from high school or junior college, the better they will handle the academic and athletic challenges they face in college.

All of Purdue's teams are currently well above the 930 APR cutoff score, Burke noted.

The additional $2,000 in athletics aid over and above the current full scholarship limits (full cost-of-attendance) acknowledges that miscellaneous college expenses have grown over time. This money can come from resources supplied to each institution by the NCAA (through basketball media funds), through the student-athlete opportunity fund or other sources within athletics or the institution.

It is Purdue's understanding that each conference can decide if it will implement this permissive legislation, and we look forward to discussions among our Big Ten peers.

According to Burke, in the 1960s, student-athletes received a small stipend each month for miscellaneous expenses (i.e. clothing and travel to and from home). The student-athlete welfare improvement figure approved today compares favorably with the 1960 amount adjusted for inflation.

"In reality, this is not really breaking new ground," Burke said. He noted that Penn State President Graham Spanier, who chaired the working group that examined this issue was on record as saying it "isn't about paying our student-athletes, but it is about being fair and recognizing that in Division I it ought to be important to meet this need."


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