A Slice Of Heaven

Oct. 15, 2004

The satellite truck took its spot outside Gate E at 3:30 a.m.

It takes lots of gear to put on a show.

The set, located on the wheelchair platform between sections 106 and 107, takes shape.

A high shot of the set. In the background are the barely visible lights inside the press box on the opposite side of the stadium.

This computer feeds the teleprompter.

Band members carry "The World's Largest Drum" up the slick Ross-Ade steps.

Purdue students didn't mind waking up early to attend the live shoot.

Mad Mushroom Pizza provided food for the Cold Pizza crew and fans. It didn't last long.

Former Purdue greats Leroy Keyes and Mark Herrmann were the first guests.

Producer Tiffany Buchanan, in the yellow rain slicker, controlled the set.

A throng of Purdue fans watched the production unfold.

The Feasty Boys' table.

A crew member puts a microphone on Cold Pizza reporter Zach Leibowitz.

Host Thea Andrews prepares for her next interview.

Joe Tiller sits while getting miked.

Cold Pizza welcomes basketball coach Gene Keady.

Keady assisted the Feasty Boys on their cooking segment. He also talked Purdue hoops.

Thea Andrews finished her morning with a local TV interview.