Mackey Arena New Video System

Sept. 2, 2004

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - The main components of the new video system arrived in Mackey Arena on Thursday, Sept. 2. After laying down plywood on Wednesday, crews brought the crates to the Mackey Arena floor after they arrived by truck. Four large crates held the four main scoreboards, while other crates contained the eight ad panels. The ad panels will be placed above and below the main boards. Check back for more photos on Friday as Mackey Arena moves into the future.

A look at two of the eight ad panels which will be placed above and below the main boards.

Forklifts were used to move the four main boards into place for installation.

The four large crates containing the main boards were over 10 feet in height.

The crates containing the boards and components were brought down the tunnel at the north end of Mackey Arena.