Athletic Ticket Office Moves To Mackey

July 7, 2011

Survey Says 86 Percent Of Customers Found Mackey Seat Reallocation Webpage 'User-Friendly'

As part of the Mackey Arena seat reallocation process, Ballena Technologies conducted a short survey on behalf of Purdue, asking ticket buyers about their experience.

Of 853 respondents, 82 percent completed their seat selection online by themselves, 10 percent online with assistance from a Purdue athletics representative via telephone and 8 percent inperson at the Athletic Ticket Office.

Some 86 percent said the Seat Reallocation webpage was "user-friendly," while 74 percent described it as "easy to navigate" and 59 percent as "fast."

Slightly more than two-thirds of the respondents said they watched the instructional video before their selection time, and 91 percent of them said it was "helpful." More than half said they logged on to the selection site between three and nine times prior to picking their seats.

Eighty-five percent said they were "happy" with the communication of the seat reallocation process, and 82 percent said they preferred online reseating to inperson.

Nearly 90 percent rated the online reseating system as good (16 percent), very good (37.1 percent) or excellent (36.4 percent), with 6 percent calling it "fair" and 4.6 percent "poor."

Mackey Complex Project

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - The Athletic Ticket Office moves into its new location in the Mackey Complex on Friday.

The ticket office now will be housed on street level along Northwestern Avenue.

An office within the Athletic Ticket Office along Northwestern Avenue.

Fans wishing to visit the ticket office should enter Mackey via the double doors just north of the East Entry along Northwestern, directly across from the Stewart Cooperative House and near the drive-up parking area. Upon entering, turn to the right.

For more information, call the Athletic Ticket Office at 800-49-SPORT or 765-494-3194.

All ATO staff phone numbers will remain the same.


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