As the parent of a student-athlete it is important that you understand NCAA rules and regulations that apply both to your child and yourself. Below are some guidelines that you should be aware of throughout the recruitment process of your child and while your child is a student-athlete at Purdue:

  • Student-athletes have a pre-existing relationship with their parents. This means that parents that also serve as an athletic booster, or representative of Purdue's athletics interests, are recognized by the university as a parent first and a booster second.
  • Student-athletes and their parents may not agree to enter into an agreement with an agent during anytime that their son or daughter is a member of a Purdue Athletics team.
  • Student-athletes, parents and relatives may not receive any extra benefits from an agent or anyone associated with an agent. Doing so could jeopardize the student-athlete's eligibility.
  • Student-athletes and their parents may not receive any extra benefits due to the student-athlete's participation in athletics at Purdue.
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