The NCAA defines an extra benefit as any special arrangement by an institution employee or a representative of the institution's athletic interest ("Booster") to provide a student-athlete (or a student-athlete's relative or friend) a benefit that is not generally available to other Purdue University students and their relatives and/or friends, or, is not expressly authorized by the NCAA legislation. Therefore, please be aware of the following:

Extra benefits can include, but, are not limited to:

  • Money, gifts, clothing, tickets for entertainment, haircut, and use of a car.
  • Free or reduced-cost room or board anywhere.
  • Free or reduced-cost merchandise or services.
  • Use of Athletics Department copy/fax machines, long distance telephone services or free use of a cell phone.
  • Special discounts, payment arrangements, or credit on a purchase or service.
  • Typing or editing reports, papers, letters, etc. for a student-athlete.
  • A loan of money or the consigning of a note to arrange a loan.
  • The sale or trade of complimentary admissions for merchandise, services or debt repayment.
  • The sale or trade of ANY items a student-athlete has received for his or her participation in athletics (e.g., gear, clothing, awards).

Examples of what are allowed include:

  • On infrequent special occasions (e.g., a birthday, Thanksgiving, etc.) an invitation to the home of an employee of Purdue or an athletic booster for a meal.
  • A Purdue employee may provide reasonable and occasional local (i.e., within the West Lafayette/Lafayette/Purdue area) transportation.



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