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Chat live with Athletics Director Morgan Burke on Tuesday, Aug. 30, at 7 p.m. ET.

Aneesh (West Lafayette): What changes (if any) need to be made to the athletic training staff across all sports after our current curse of ACL injuries? Prevention techniques?
AD Morgan Burke: 1. We conducted a peer review of this area last year in anticipation of the new weight room in Mackey. We hired Duane Carlisle and his bio is here:
Moderator: As you can see, we are under way with Morgan Burke. Send in any questions you have over the next 30 minutes or so.

Nate (West Lafayette): The student VIP cards for athletic tickets seem to be a good thing in all regards except that a limited number of students can get them. I really feel (and I think the data would reflect this) that has hurt student football ticket sales in recent years. With the real constraint there being the demand for men's basketball tickets, why not implement a lottery based system for student men's basketball tickets where they will be guaranteed to get tickets to a certain number of games based on the results of a lottery and then sell as many of the VIP cards to students as possible?
AD Morgan Burke: This sounds like a reasonable idea to ponder as we put together next year's plans. I will forward to the marketing, promotions and ticketing staff.

Bloomington: When will you be doing a reseating of Ross Aide Stadium like was recently done with Mackey Arena? How often do you plan on doing the reseating?
AD Morgan Burke: While no timeline has been established for Ross-Ade, we anticipate following a similar cycle to Mackey, which is every five years.

Jackson (West Lafayette, IN): What can we as fans expect this season? How much more consistent can this years' team be than the injury-plagued one? How do you feel about TerBush?
AD Morgan Burke: I expect you to see more speed. While still young, we are more experienced at our skill positions than we were a year ago, which is important. And we are excited about the level of play we are seeing on the defensive side of the ball and versatility of the offense. Now we need to see how the practice skills to the game. I'm excited to see them play. Caleb has been in the system three years, paid a heavy price a year ago when he ran the scout team and has earned the right to start. He feels as badly about Rob Henry as anybody but recognizes the need to be prepared for Saturday and beyond.

West Lafayette: Is it possible to see more of the Purdue Goldusters in Mackey area this winter? They are a great role model for the community, as they work hard and they have superb grades.
AD Morgan Burke: I will pass along your comments to our promotions staff that sets up the halftime activities.

NL (Indy): Mr. Burke, With season ticket sales for football at a low number, will there be any additional promotions to help sell more tickets? -NL
AD Morgan Burke: We are open to ideas and would encourage you to go to our website and look at the current options: When you look at the value of a football game, you're talking about three to four hours of sports performance as well as pregame and postgame. On a per-hour basis, it's a heck of a deal.

Justin (West Lafayette): What is the best way to becoming an athletic director at a major university? What degree should I get and is it possible to get promoted enough to reach this goal? Boiler Up
AD Morgan Burke: Degree-wise, I would recommend good business skills and a fundamental understanding of personnel issues. I'm not sure there is one career path to becoming an AD. Some come up through the ranks, some from private business and some from industries that support athletics (i.e. apparel). The key is to be able to hire good people, raise money and to set expectations for continuous improvement.

Timothy (Indianapolis): In light of recent scandals in college sports, how do you restore the faith of your fans that believe all college sports is filled with scandals?
AD Morgan Burke: I'm as disappointed as you are in the number of negative stories that seem to be out there. But you need to be careful to not generalize that those stories represent the norm. That is why our communications works hard to give you insights into the lives of our student-athletes. Ryan Kerrigan, Kyle Adams, Drey Mingo, JaJuan Johnson, Jaclyn Hart, David Boudia, E'Twaun Moore to name but a few.

Greg - South Bend: What is the prediction for the crowd for Saturday's game?
AD Morgan Burke: I would expect 42,500 to 47,500. The weather looks good, and I think a lot of people are eager to see what this team can do. Remember, Middle Tennessee played in a bowl game last season. They will be a good test.

Andrew (Toledo): What decision do you regret the most from your time as AD?
AD Morgan Burke: I'm really pleased with the work we have accomplished in academics and the remake of the facilities that our fans have helped us achieve. I'm greedy and I wish we could attain a more consistent athletics performance. We certainly have many bright spots, but with only 18 sports, we need to hit on all cylinders to be among the best in the conference and the country.

Jimmy (Fort Wayne): What are your thoughts on Purdue-specific blogs? Do you think they have a role in covering Purdue sports in person?
AD Morgan Burke: You have to be effective across all media today, from TV to radio, the Internet, social media, newspapers, etc. To me, the key is to have good underlying journalism skills so that what is reported is factual.

Chuck (City): Any plans for the south end zone at Ross-Ade?
AD Morgan Burke: The short answer is yes. But the timeline is not set. Our concept would be to take the bleachers out of the south end zone. These seats are challenging to sell on a regular basis, despite their lower price. I suspect it is because of the sightlines, the fact that the sound system comes out of the scoreboard and the fact that video replays are not easy to see. So we would like to look at ways to use the south end zone and to create a video board that would enhance the fan experience. We believe there is sufficient capacity in the north end zone to allow us to continue to price tickets for families and other groups.

Jason (Fort Wayne): When do you think we will be the Football leader in the Big Ten?
AD Morgan Burke: Our ultimate goal is to win championships in each of our sports. And that will be our goal every year. So as we approach the first game, we are all undefeated, all the prognostications have been made and now it's up to the teams to perform. We have won championships in the past, and we intend to do so in the future.

Mike (West Lafayette): Will we beat IU this year?
AD Morgan Burke: That's our plan.
Moderator: Great questions so far. We have another 10 minutes or so if there are additional questions out there.

Steve (West Lafayette): Is this the "make it or break it" year for Coach Danny Hope?
AD Morgan Burke: I think Danny is doing all the things necessary to build a strong foundation. We have better players, better students and better people. That generally is a recipe for success. The underlying fundamentals of this program are improving and this should translate into more consistent performance on the field. In the world of athletics, where everybody keeps score, we are all in it to win. This year is no different than any other.

John(Morton): These questions have all been softballs Morrgan. Are you screening them:)?
AD Morgan Burke: We have not taken a single pitch. We have taken our best swing at every question submitted so far.

Jim (Indy): What are your thoughts about what Danny Hope said in the paper about not caring about the fans? Shouldn't he care about who buys tix?
AD Morgan Burke: That's not what Danny said. He knows the importance of our fan base and values our loyal supporters but knows he can't make all of them happy. The key message of that article was how much Danny cares about his players.

Chuck (City): If the Big Ten is to expand again (to perhaps 14 schools), are you open to the idea of the new schools not being in a contiguous state?
AD Morgan Burke: Right now, we feel confident with the lineup we have in the Big Ten. There is a lot of speculation about additional consolidation, and I'm sure commissioner Delany will be watching. At this juncture, we are just glad to have brought Nebraska into the fold because they are a good academic fit and have a rich athletics history.

Alex (West Lafayette): Will you be wearing gold or black on October 1st? :)
AD Morgan Burke: A gold shirt and black sweater so I can move around the stadium.

Shelbyville: You can't escape this without a question on permanent lights for the football stadium. What will it take for this to happen?
AD Morgan Burke: I would be disappointed if the question didn't come up. We are playing a night game this year against Notre Dame, but remember the television networks select the night games. And they pay for the lights. Given the fact that we are in the bottom quartile of total revenue within the conference, you have to choose your investments wisely. Right now, football has other priorities that require resources, as does the entire department as a whole. So prioritization of limited resources does not cause lights in Ross-Ade to be at the top of the list.

Sam (West Lafayette): Was THE PAINT CREW a part of the reseating process of Mackey Arena. Also, could the Paint Crew be allowed to pack one half of the lower bowl one game?
AD Morgan Burke: We did engage the Paint Crew, along with many other fan groups, to come up with options. Ultimately, since the lower arena would have 800 or so fewer seats, not all the needs of each group could be fully accomodated. With each group, including the Paint Crew, time was taken to explain the changes in the arena, the need to balance various interests in an attempt to find the best balance. I think we accomplished that. But I can assure you that not everyone is happy. Come Nov. 11, when people see the finished product, I think they will agree the investment will pay off for all of Purdue athletics.

Chuck (City): Are we still looking for an opponent to the TBA date in the future football schedule?
AD Morgan Burke: Yes. We are actively looking.

Bill(Shelbyville): You can't escape this without a question on permanent lights for the football stadium. What will it take for that to happen and is it in the near future?
AD Morgan Burke: See the previous answer about lights.
Moderator: We have exhausted all the submitted questions over the last 35 minutes but will stick around for another five if there are any additional ones.

Chuck (City): Can we somehow encourage TV and other media to emphasize the use of the "P" logo instead of the speed train? It is hard to see and recognize.
AD Morgan Burke: We have worked with our TV partners to use the P more and hopefully you will see that. Also, the P will be replace the train at centercourt in Mackey this season.

Chuck (City): Would Purdue consider adding ice hockey (men) and gymnastics (women) as varsity sports?
AD Morgan Burke: As I mentioned earlier, with a revenue base that is near the bottom of the Big Ten and the challenge of meeting rising scholarship costs, expansion at this time, while desireable, is not financially feasible.

Travis (Crawfordsville): What was your view of Nancy Cross's letter to the JP Club during the Matt Painter saga?
AD Morgan Burke: I actually think if you know Nancy, she was trying to provide prompt information yet added an element of candor that offended some but not all. I got as many people complementing me on the fact that it was good to see a person in a leadership position be honest as I did about the mixed message that others received as they read the letter. Once we saw that some were taking offense, we offered an apology.

Camp Hill: What do you think it will take for the residents and businesses to show their Purdue Spirit outside in the community like other school communities? You are offering the Spirit Contest and still not much support around town.
AD Morgan Burke: I think it's a little early to judge the storefront contest. In fact, today I heard from the Greater Lafayette Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau that several businesses were in the midst of decorating. The Bridge Walk took a few weeks to pick up steam, and I anticipate the same with the Storefront Contest. The level of interest shown by having 700 fans at the kickoff luncheon was encoraging. We hope there is a great turnout Friday night for the first Bridge Walk.

Chuck (City): Any plans for the north scoreboard of Ross-Ade?
AD Morgan Burke: That's a fair question, and I think as we build the concept for the south end zone, we need to keep it in mind.
Moderator: Thanks to everyone for your questions. We took about 30 over the last 40 minutes. We plan to do these chats several times over the course of the year. In the meantime, I ask you to support all our teams. Boiler Up! Hammer Down! Hail Purdue!

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