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Mackey Arena Reseating Online Chat

Following three in-person Q&A sessions, the Purdue athletics department will conduct an on-line chat for fans to talk about the upcoming Mackey Arena reseating process.

The chat is scheduled for Tuesday, March 8, from 7 to 8 p.m. ET and will include athletics director Morgan Burke, senior associate athletics director Nancy Cross and John Purdue Club director Mike Braughton.

To check priority points or for current information online about premium seating and the reseating process, please visit the John Purdue Club webpage at The deadline for priority point accumulation for general reseating is March 31, 2011.

Moderator: It's almost 7 ET, so we will get started momentarily. Our goal is to answer as many questions as possible in an hour. Thanks for participating.

Walton: Are we going to be able to hear the questions and answers?
Moderator: Yes, you can follow along via the link at the top of the story about the chat.
Moderator: Morgan, Nancy and Mike are here, so let's get this party started.

Anthony (Elkhart): Why does the arena need two tunnels?
Moderator: For safety reasons; it's a best practice. And the distance to the new visiting locker room will be significantly closer.

Anthony (Elkhart): Are there any plans for the arena to have chair seating through out? I have an uncle that says he does not got to games because his back cannot handle bleachers for that long.
Moderator: Not at this time.

Jerome Mincy: I have 283 points and am at the All-American level. I have not had BB tickets and wondered what type of seat I could expect should I buy them.
Moderator: Until the points are frozen on March 31, we can't answer that specific a question. But please check the FAQ's on the Mackey Complex site on to see a detailed explanation of the selection process.

Ira Hartoch - Green Bay, WI: 1. Could you detail the seat selection process? When (specifically) will it start? How detailed will it be (specific number of points versus percentile ranking)? etc. 2. I understand the logic behind the capacity reduction to include premium seating. What is the logic for (2012) further capacity reduction for a second tunnel? Will that just reduce the number of student tickets or will it reduce "regular" seating as well?
Moderator: Again, we ask that you check the FAQ's on the Mackey Complex webpage. It details the process. We anticipate starting selection late April, with most people selecting from May on.

Alvin Lee: As a loyal WBB season, but not a JP member, it looks like I will have no choices in the seating realocation. Is there no provision for loyalty in the non premieum seating plan? Thanks, I know this is hard.
Moderator: Loyalty is all in how you measure it. Since Mackey was opened in 1967, we have protected those people's seats who have maintained their JPC giving level. You will be rewarded for the number of years you have had season tickets, but selecting seats is a privledge of JPC membership.
Moderator: Remember, JPC membersship starts at just $17 per month.

Pete Kay (Cincinnati): How much advance notice will be given as to the date and time that individuals will be assigned to make their seat selections?
Moderator: By mid-April, you will receive a postcard with your exact date and time for selection. It could be as little as two weeks or as long as more than two months.

New Haven,In: What if you do not sell all of the premium seats?
Moderator: Early returns have been positive. Men's tickets are approaching 75 percent. If we have individual seats left, we will follow the same process as in Ross-Ade - offering first to premium seat holders and then JPC members.

Mike (Indy): How are group purchases going to be handled? Can you person select the seats for the whole group or does each purchaser need to select seats?
Moderator: We suggest that groups order at the same time, at the time of the indvidual who has the lowest point total. That ensures everyone gets credit for purchasing tickets.

Chris (Fort Wayne): Prior to March 31, will there be any communication of the priority point breakdowns for seat selection? If people knew that they were just a few points away from the next highest tier, they might be willing to donate more and enable themselves to select their seats a few days earlier.
Moderator: That is not possible because we have 9,000 members who are simultaneously making individual decisions. It would be a constant moving target.

Pete(WL): How do you feel about the feelings of The Paint Crew, people in the organization are not to excited about the decimation of the section.
Moderator: There are a few questions about the Paint Crew. Here's what we can tell you: No. 1, the students were involved in a meeting with the men's basketball coaching staff and were part of the process and decison to move behind both baskets. It is recognized that tradeoffs had to be made during this process, and the Paint Crew was involved. Students currently have a 35 percent allocation, and they will remain the same percentage when capacity is reduced.

Sam (Kansas): Do you ever watch televised games and just wonder how those other schools can make their money while sacrificing their best seats to the students?
Moderator: We are trying to balance the need to be financially self-supporting while cultivating new fans. Many schools receive unievrsity subsity, and Purdue does not.

Jack: Are you concerned the price point on the premium seating is so high?
Moderator: Considering that we have sold 75 percent of the inventory so far, we do not believe that to be the case.

Paul Harris (Cincinnati): I have seen the information on the Boilermaker Legacy Fund and the $100/$250 donation per season ticket. However, I have not seen what the base price will be for season tickets. Has that been established? If so, what is the base price? My apologies if that has been published and I missed it.
Moderator: There will be no change to season ticket seat prices for the 2011-12 season.

Paul Harris (Cincinnati): It appears as though lower arena seats are only available to JPC members at the All-American level and up. Is this true? I haven't had season tickets since I was a student, so this is all new to me.
Moderator: Not exactly true. Lower arena seats are available to all who qualify based on their points. Anyone not at the A-A level who does quality and purchase tickets will need to elevate their membership to the A-A level at the point of sale.

Bob Swingle (Zionsville): My wife Lynn and I are scheduled to be out of the country starting April 20 for about a month. How can we be sure we can buy tickets if our turn comes up while we are gone? At last check we had 440 priority points, 84th percentile.
Moderator: Please call the JPC office in early April, and they will look at your likely selection date and help you.

Craig: My friend and I group our seats together. I am aware our seats will be based on the lowest points between the two of us, but is there someone we need to notify so we can choose our seats at the same time? Also, can one of us authorize the other to choose our seats or do we both need to be present when choosing the seat location?
Moderator: Once your window opens, it does not close. So your window will be open when your friend's opens, and you can make your selections togather at that time.

Jon (Noblesville): I have had tickets for three years now. Am I guaranteed tickets next year?
Moderator: Obviously, JPC members will receive priority. If there are tickets available beyond that, we look at consecutive years of having season tickets.

Jon (Noblesville): Will we know our ticket seat locations before we have to pay for them next year?
Moderator: You will know your exact location when you select your seats - before you pay.

Ira (Green Bay): Any more details as to the selection process.... timing? exact JPC points vs. percentile ranking?
Moderator: Please refer to the FAQ's on the Mackey Complex webpage at

Jon (Noblesville): My question would be if somebody had not had basketball tickets, but more priority points than me, will they be able to get ahead of me for tickets?
Moderator: Yes, priority points is the determining factor.

Brad (Nashville): Will season ticket holders be able to wait and see if lower arena seats are available before bumping JPC membership level up to All American status?
Moderator: You can review the map and see if lower arena seats are available at the time of selection. At that time, you can then call the JPC office to increase level of membership at the point of sale.

Paul Harris (Cincinnati): I submitted two questions early. Will early submissions be answered during this chat, or do I need to resubmit?
Moderator: We are trying to get to all the questions in our hour.

TJ: I have just under 100 priority points, but I have never had basketball season tickets. What are the chances I can get two season tickets next season?
Moderator: This past season, we were able to take care of all JPC members. But until the selection process starts, we can't guarantee.

Brad (Nashville): I am JPC MVP level,it appears I'm near the Point level for lower arena seats. Will I be able to bid on lower arena,then upgrade to All American level?
Moderator: Yes, in real time by calling the JPC office.

Becky, Lafayette IN: I've had MBB season tix for 3 yrs. I haven't received any kind of notification about tickets/seating? Should I be contacting the ticket office?
Moderator: If you are a JPC member, please call the JPC office. Otherwise, call the ticket office and provide your email address to receive information.

Jon (Noblesville): Can someone who has never had basketball tickets, but has more priority points than a current season ticket holder, beat them out for tickets?
Moderator: Yes, all selection is based on priority points.

Tony (Shelbyville): The original mailing implied that those donating $2.5K or more will be eligible for lower arena tickets. When I called the JPC I was told that it's quite likely that the top 3 percent of the JPC will get all the lower arena seats. Why was the decision made to give that narrow group the right to purchase 12 seats. I am convinced this is going to create a terribly sterile environment in the lower arena. It was a mistake to mislead us with original marketing piece.
Moderator: Sorry, but that information is not accurate. Please call the JPC office tomorrow and ask for Nancy or Mike.

TJ: You mentioned that 75% is already sold. I thought the process of seat selection would not begin until after the March 31 points deadline. Is there a different deadline for priority seats?
Moderator: The 75 percent is for premieum seats, which accounts for just 700 seats. The selection process for the remaining seats starts in late April.

Roger (Fishers): What is the exact timing of payment for basketball tickets? How is that timing related to football season tickets? Cash flow management...
Moderator: For both football and basketball, you are welcome to pay in four installments. The first installment for basketball is the Legacy Fund, and the three subsequent payments will be due in August, September and October. Football ticket payments can be completed by July.

Mike (Indy): Minus premium and student seats, how many seats are available for relocation?
Moderator: Between 8,000 and 8,500.

Tony (Shelbyville): So if people at the 85th percentile are effectively shut out of the lower arena for life (if they are 45 or older) unless they give at the $10,000 level for at least 3-4 years, it's quite possible that it might take at least $2,500 a year to EVEN GET a ticket. Have you considered that scnenario which essentially disenfranchising younger fans. Is this an intelligent long-term business decision?
Moderator: We don't think that is an accurate assessment. But please call the JPC office, and they will be happy to discuss with you.

Nick (Laf): My family has had tickets for 30 years and not in JPC what are the chances we will still maintain lower level seats?
Moderator: Since selection is based on priority points, it is hard to provide a definitive answer.

Kathy,(west Lafayette): We are season tx holders for both MBB & WBB. Will we be able to choose our seats for both at the same time?
Moderator: Yes, but it will require going to two different websites. We suggest selecting your mbb tickets first.

Alvin CVille: You mentioned the sales for MBB Premium Seating, how is it going for WBB?
Moderator: Courtside is running a little ahead for the women, and the club is just behind. Both are selling extremely well.

Chris (Fishers): Has the $/ticket information for the diffent proposed sections been published?
Moderator: There are two price points - upper and lower arena - and they will not change in 2011-12.

Ryan (West Lafayette): Have you thought about how the re-seating will affect the sound quality and sound vibrations that Mackey Arena is so well known for. Furthermore, how do you plan on maintaining the integrity of the sound so that Mackey remains one of the toughest arenas to play in for our visiting opponents?
Moderator: Although we have not done any acoustical studies, we don't anticipate any changes. A soldout Mackey will be loud.

Anthony (Elkhart): Will any type of design work go into the tunnel? It would be nice if the tunnel was more aesthetically pleasing. An idea would be to make the tunnels look like train tunnels coming out of a moutain with time to play hard embossed in the brick work.
Moderator: Good idea, and we will pass along to the architects.

West Lafayette: Mackey Arena and the Paint Crew finally reached the national level in exposure, attention, and praise for one of the best college basketball environments in America. Do you honestly believe that the same intensity will be reached in the future by splitting up the Paint Crew as well as reducing the amount of lower bowl seats given to the Paint Crew?
Moderator: The fact that they are sitting behind both baskets was key to the basketball coaching staff. Intimidation on both ends.

Ira (Green Bay): So to see if I understand.... IF I am able to maintain 2 seats in the lower level, my cost this year will be $500 more than last year with the 500 being the legacy fund amount... right?
Moderator: Provided you are a JPC member at the A-A level, that is correct. Also, the Legacy Fund provides points and is a tax-deductible contribution.

Alvin Cville: Thanks for answering our questions, who would I call to get an estimate for my WBB seats lower level, NOT Premium, Courtside or Club, compared to my season tix now? thanks
Moderator: The price for tickets will be the same; there will be a $10 per ticket fee for the Legacy Fund. We can't tell you where the seats will be until the selection process begins.

David: I am beyond upset with this legacy fee. It is going to cost me an extra $400 next year for likely much worse seats. While I can't control that I can control giving to other areas of the univerisity. They will be reduced and I will explain why.
Moderator: The Legacy Fund is a tax-deductible charitable contribution. And Intercollegiate Athletics is a self-supporting enterprise that gets no university or governmental funding.

Kyle (Noblesville): Is there any estimate (even a guess) as to what percentile or number of priority points will be needed to get lower level seats? I know this isn't a question you can answer exactly, but you have to have some sort of feel for the general percentile/# of points that will be needed to be safe...
Moderator: Truthfully, because many people are improving their point standing on a daily basis ahead of the March 31 deadline, it really is impossible to predict. Sorry.

Kyle (West Lafayette): How does splitting up the student section help to build Purdue's program?
Moderator: The coaching staff requested having students at both ends.

Paul Harris (Cincinnati): What are the price points for upper and lower arena? I hear they won't change in 2011-2012, but I don't know what they were for 2010-2011.
Moderator: For general public: Men upper: $394 Men lower: $506

Jeri (Raleigh): One communication seemed to indicate that you plan to reseat Mackey every 5 years. Is this correct?
Moderator: Yes.

Will: If I do not itemize deductions then there is no tax advantage to the deductible legacy fund contribution--it's just an added cost. It is correct that the legacy fund contribution doesn't count toward increased JPC level either?
Moderator: The Legacy Fund does create points but does not affect membership level.
Moderator: Thanks to everyone who particiapted. Sorry we didn't get to answer all the questions. We will review those that were not addressed and add appropriate answers to our FAQ's on the Mackey Complex webpage at Boiler Up! Hammer Down! Hail Purdue!

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