Wednesday, Apr 25
BB vs No. 15 Indiana 7:00 PM Gameday
SB vs Indiana 4:00 PM
SB vs Indiana 6:30 PM
Thursday, Apr 26
MTN vs Penn State 3:00 PM
T&F vs Drake Relays TBA
Friday, Apr 27
BB vs Rutgers 6:00 PM
SB vs Minnesota 6:00 PM
WTN vs Ohio State 11:00 AM
MTN vs Day 2 TBA
T&F vs Drake Relays TBA
MG at Big Ten Championship All Day
Saturday, Apr 28
BB vs Rutgers 6:00 PM
SB vs Minnesota 3:00 PM
WTN vs Day 3 TBA
MG at Big Ten Championship All Day
T&F vs Drake Relays TBA
MTN vs Day 3 TBA
Sunday, Apr 29
BB vs Rutgers 11:00 AM
SB vs Minnesota 12:00 PM
MG at Big Ten Championship All Day
WTN vs Day 4 TBA
MTN vs Day 4 TBA
Friday, May 4
BB vs Northwestern 6:00 PM
SB at Iowa 6:00 PM
Saturday, May 5
BB vs Northwestern 6:00 PM
Tuesday, May 8
WG at NCAA Regionals All Day
Wednesday, May 9
WG at NCAA Regionals All Day
Thursday, May 10
WG at NCAA Regionals All Day
Friday, May 11
T&F vs Big Ten Championships TBA
Saturday, May 12
T&F vs Big Ten Championships TBA
Sunday, May 13
T&F vs Big Ten Championships TBA
Monday, May 14
MG at NCAA Regional All Day
Tuesday, May 15
MG at NCAA Regional All Day
Wednesday, May 16
MG at NCAA Regional All Day
Friday, May 18
WG at NCAA Championships All Day
Saturday, May 19
WG at NCAA Championships All Day
Sunday, May 20
WG at NCAA Championships All Day
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Moderator: Coach Hope is here. We'll get started here in just a bit. Boiler Up!
Moderator: While we wait a few minutes for Coach Hope, here's a list of who has signed so far this morning: Danny Anthrop, Austin Appleby, Anthony Brown, Cameron Cermin, Jonathan Curry, Andy Garcia, Paul Griggs, Jimmy Herman, Kingsley Ike, BJ Knauf, Bilal Marshall, Thomas Meadows, Ryan Morris, Cameron Posey, Jordan Roos, Jordan Shine and Jordan Woods. That's That's 17.
Coach Hope: It was a major difference maker. Not just for his recruiting class, but I think the hire of a recruiting coordinator is the biggest thing that has happen to this football program over the last 10 years. We have been able to get further ahead quicker. Even though Paul impacted this class, what if he had been here two years ago. We will continue to see great benefits.
Coach Hope: Hats off to the assistant coaches. We went a while last year without support staff to work with recruiting. Coach Nord filled in as our defacto recruiting coordinator and did an outstanding job. We came up with a short list of guys that we wanted who liked us. Then we came up with a list of criteria for the recruits to stay on our list, like coming here unofficially, calling the head coach on their own dime and time. That demonstrated their commitment to us and really impacted this class. Having some signature wins and going to postseason play allowed us to hang on to those who committed early. And my contract extension helped solidify the direction of the program.
Coach Hope: They are similar in some ways, coming from smaller schools with great football tradition. They have documented track times. They are givers, great teammates and proud to be Boilermakers. Both of them could play running back or receiver. They both have unbelievable stats. BJ is similar to Vinny Sutherland, only bigger and stronger. He has a quick burst. Thick strength about him. Really packed together.
Coach Hope: I'm not sure it helped us get any guys late, but it was important in that it helped us hold on to our guys. It certainly showed we are moving in the right direction as a program.

Robert (Dayton): Can you talk about Jordan Shine? Do you see him playing DB in college or is there a chance we could see him on offense?
Coach Hope: The specialists for sure. Thomas Meadows is an excellent kickoff guy. Paul Griggs is an outstanding field goal kicker. We draw the top specialists in the country with our facility and being one of the few schools in the country with a full-time special teams coordinator. Both of those guys shined at our camp. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of the offensive linemen worked their ways into the two-deep because we are lean there in the depth chart. Anthony Brown could come in and help us as a punt returner. He could be this year's Raheem Mostert. The last time those two guys ran head to head, Brown won. He may be the jewel of the class. Andy Garcia is a possibility because he is thick and strong and a natural football player. The midyear guys, Greg Latta is going to have to compete, and Carlos Carvajal, they both have four-star numbers.

Ian (Paris, Texas): With this new signing class, what do you think is now your deepest position on the field in terms of talent and depth?
Coach Hope: That's tough. It's hard to include the freshmen until they get here. Maybe quarterback with the four coming back and the three or four candidates in this class. Numbers-wise, you would have to say offensive line and quarterback. We met some needs where he had numbers issues, like defensive ends. We still need more, but we are improving our numbers there. We are very picky at that position.

Jason (Wheaton): It looks like we are going to have a lot of QB's fighting for the starting job next season. Do you plan on testing any of them at other positions?
Coach Hope: Time will tell. We have some guys who are quarterbacks all the way and others who are great athletes who could play a lot of positions on our football team. But they will compete to be quarterbacks first.

Mike (Indianapolis): Was there a main point of emphasis with this year's class?
Coach Hope: We wanted to recruit guys with stronger academic portfolios. On the field, we wanted to increase our number of offensive linemen. The last couple of years we recruited line prospects, either offense or defense, and that's helped us. But we were short on big offensive line prospects.

Tait (Kenosha WI): How many do you expect to sign today?
Coach Hope: We expect to sign 23 today.

Andy Knepp: who is the biggest steal in this class, the diamond in the rough?
Coach Hope: Tough call. Maybe Anthony Brown to me. It's hard to find 10.5 100-meter guys who are 6-feet tall and great football players. Hard to say. A lot of good players.

dayton: Are any of the offensive line recruits advanced enough to start or play alot this next season?
Coach Hope: Possibly. Roos' weight room numbers are off the charts. I had Okobi, Mruczkowski, Rob Turner here before, and Roos' numbers are better. I also like the size and numbers of Cermin. Maybe Jason King.

Tait (Kenosha): Will one of the WRs (perhaps Knauf or Anthrop) get a try out at Running Back?
Coach Hope: I would think BJ. He was a shotgun wildcat quarterback in high school and is used to carrying the football. And Danny did both in high school. So both of those guys could.

Gregg, Baltimore: Do you see a Ricardo Allen type player who comes in and starts from day one and then could be a freshman All American?
Coach Hope: With 16 starters coming back, that may not be easy to do. We didn't have any defensive backs coming back when Ricardo got here. Jonathan Curry is a guy who could come in and make an impact. He's a tight end/H-back/fullback. I like him as a ball carrier and could do some things that Jared Crank did as a senior. Anybody who can come in and be a physical player out of the backfield could help us immediately. His list of accolades is impressive. He's not just another John.

CC (Louisville): How would you rank this recruiting class in comparison to your previous three?
Coach Hope: The experts have it ranked significantly higher, whatever that's worth. Numbers-wise, you have better opportunity to be successful. Not as many speed players, but we filled that need the previous years. Academically, this class is head and shoulders above the others. As guys, they are connected. They have communicated through social media, and I think that's kind of neat. They all know each other already.

A.J.: Do you think the K Griggs will be on 1st team FG and kick off next year?
Coach Hope: Thomas Meadows is an excellent kickoff guy and so is Griggs. You want to have the ability to cross-train, and we have the coach to do that. I think either of those guys could be our kickoff guy. I think Griggs has the ability to be our next Carson Wiggs. We think he can be a great long-ball hitter.

nub (warsaw indiana): did the change in defensive coaches hurt recruiting on that side of the ball?
Coach Hope: Not at all. We landed out defensive coordinator prior to the dead period, so we were able to get him on the road and meet a bulk of the recruits. That made a difference.

Jim (South Bend): How early in the recruiting process do you get involved with a recruit? Do you typically only come in once you have a sense a recruit is interested?
Coach Hope: I think this class picked Purdue for a lot of the right reasons. They like the academic possibilities and the opportunity to play in the Big Ten Conference.

Steve M (Palmetto, FL): Any particular areas in the country you have better success in than others? Looks like more recruits from outside of IN and FL this year.
Coach Hope: We got guys from 13 states. Florida continues to be good for us, and we did well in Indiana and Texas. Some of top recruits came from Arkansas, Alabama, Virginia and North Carolina, and those aren't generally our recruiting areas. That is the direct result of having a director of player personnel. We expanded ourselves. But I am happy with our guys from Florida. We continue to do well there.

Bill (Cleveland): Do you ever tell a recruit that you want to redshirt him from the get-go? On the flip side, do you ever promise someone playing time right away?
Coach Hope: Every once in a while, it's obvious that the newcomers have to come in and contribute right away. Like the specialists. Someone has to kick the ball. We don't promise anyone they will start, but we promise them they will compete to start. The midyear guys have to help. On the flip side, there are guys who need to develop physically to play in the Big Ten. JJ Prince knows he is going to be redshirted and accepts that.

Greenfield, IN: Are we going to have any top 100 national recruits?
Coach Hope: Not sure, we will check. There are so many different rankings.

Barry (Chicago): Is it tough to sell a recruit when you are trying to sign multiple people at the same position?
Coach Hope: It depends on the position. At quarterback, it can be. But it is normal to sign more than one guy and most positions.

Mark (Orlando): You guys seem to always get a few kids from Florida? How are you able to make in-roads there?
Coach Hope: From Day 1, we have been committed to Florida because there is so much talent there. Having gotten a lot of guys from there, our name is growing, and more prospects are becoming interested in us.

Tom (Boston): How in the heck do you evaluate HS kickers and punters? Seems like they are all over the map.
Coach Hope: At our camp. We have an advantage because of our commitment to special teams, from coaching to our facilities. We bring in the top prospects and can be selective in who we take.

RJ, Greenwood: Who are some guys who really benefited from their redshirt season and will be moving up the depth charts this year?
Coach Hope: First and foremost, Frankie Williams. He will do something for us in 2012. Armstead Williams is another guy. Mikesky is fast and strong, Michael Rouse.

KB (Carmel): Will Carlos Carvajal start out at tight end or as a DE?
Coach Hope: Tight end. But he is good enough to be a great player on both sides of the ball.

GLS: Do you see Carvajal at TE or DE?
Coach Hope: Tight end.

Nick (Lafayette): How is Rob Henry coming along. It seemed he was eager to get back to football.
Coach Hope: Excellent. He is a difference-maker for our offense and and our football team. I can't wait to get him back out there.

Ryan (Ft. Wayne): Why do we not make more of a push to go for guys in our home state of Indiana?
Coach Hope: We did well. The top five guys in the state each year can impact every program in the nation, so it makes them hard to get. But I really like the four guys we got this year, and we will continue to offer them. On a given year, there may be 20 who can play Division I football but only 10-12 who can help you win a Big Ten Championship. We would like to get more than four and will continue making strides.

dayton: Do you see next years team being capable of passing for 400 one game, then running for 300 the next-assuming Purdue wins?
Coach Hope: Yes, depending on the opponent. I like the idea of passing for 300 and rushing for 150 in the same game. That's the perfect combination for our offense. But we can have success both passing and running the ball. I would like to be balanced in our offense and more explosive in the passing game. We need to throw the ball vertically more often.

Frank (Indianapolis): Where do you feel like your facilities stack up against the other Big Ten schools and how much does that factor into signing a recruit?
Coach Hope: The progress we have made facilities-wise the past few years have impacted recruiting significantly. Our practice facilities are top of the line, with the Mollenkopf Center and the outdoor complex.

Gregg, Baltimore: Who goes into spring #1 on the depth chart, Marve, Henry, or Terbush?
Coach Hope: Yes. :-)
Moderator: We are going to take a five-minute break. One hour in the bag, two to go. We are waiting on a couple more guys to sign today.

Adam, Windy City: Great class, coach. What positions do you think will be priorities for 2013?
Coach Hope: Running back, we've had some attrition there and don't have one in this class yet. Cornerback is another position, and we're still a little short at linebacker. We will know better after the spring and into the fall.

Rob (Cleveland): Any progress in the search for a DLine coach and do you expect Coach A back next year?
Coach Hope: We have deeply involved in the interview process and have a number of very good candidates. I expect we will make an announcement very soon.

Eddie (Jacksonville, FL): Knowing that redshirting and building strength is extremely advantageous for offensive lineman, which O-Line recruits may be able to fill some holes in 2012? Which returning guys who haven't seen the field yet have the best chance to contribute this year?
Coach Hope: Among returning guys, Kevin Pamphile and Justin Kitchens stand out, as do Josh Davis and Cody Davis.

Steve M (Palmetto, FL): A couple schools in my local area of Manatee County look loaded with talent for future recruiting. Any recruiting efforts in Palmetto High or Manatee High for future classes?
Coach Hope: I coached at Manatee in the early 80s, and we will continue recruiting that area very strong.

Vince, St. Louis: Have you ever thought about moving Henry to defense? Could be a great safety. I like him on offense.
Coach Hope: None. He can line up at any skill position on offense and won't be moving to defense. I'm with you, I like him on offense.

Nick (St. Louis): What is your opinion on giving multiyear scholarships?
Coach Hope: Nothing really changes in our opinion. The same things that have affected attrition in the past will continue to do so. It didn't come up one time in this year's class.

RB, West: Coach, how is Rob doing and are we going with the 4 QB system this fall?? (Henry, Marve, Turbush, Applebee??)
Coach Hope: All four of those guys are tremendous competitors and will do whatever it takes to help our team. We could not be more excited with our quarterback situation.

Larry (Morton Grove): Any update on Peters Drey? We ned him back!
Coach Hope: We think he is getting better, but you always have concerns with a back injury. It looks like things are moving in the right direction. He feels better than he has in months. Not sure he will be available in the spring, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. At the same time, we are making plans in case he can't come back. It impacted us last season when he was out.

Bill (Indy): What kind of impact will Coach Tibesar have on the defense this year and future recruiting classes as far as possibly shifting to a 3-4 defense?
Coach Hope: I anticipate him making a heck of an impact on our defense. That's why we hired him. We will have the potential to line up defensively using both a 4-3 and 3-4.

PurdueRant: Coach, is there a chance more players will be added AFTER signing day? Or are we at the scholarship maximum? Looks like a great class.
Coach Hope: We have at least one token left. We anticipate signing 24 today, with two more already here. We expect a surprise in the next day or two. So we're still shopping. If you sell the last car on the lot, you need to turn off the lights and go home. We don't want to be out of business.

Mike (Indy): Rob Henry seemed to be a natural leader from the day he set foot on campus. Who are some of the leaders of this class?
Coach Hope: Austin Appleby, I really like his leadership ability. Jonathan Curry, Bilal Marshall, just to name a few.

A.J. Defiance: With 3Qb commits do you see all there starting there or will Gray or Marshall move?
Coach Hope: We're not talking about anybody moving right now.

GLS: Any possibility Taylor Richards or Normondo Harris move to Safety?
Coach Hope: We're going to put our best defensive backs on the field. If those guys are all cornerbacks, then two of them will play safety. We do the same thing on the offensive line.

GQ Fort Wayne: Do you look at other successful programs and try to model your recruiting after them. For example, the big OL at Wisconsin and their success?
Coach Hope: Not necessarily. We have a plan. We have the opportunity to have an edge in the speed game in the Big Ten. The last few years, we went after line prospects and that has helped us on both sides of the ball. I don't want to recruit anybody who can't run well.

PurdueRant: Coach, is there a chance more players will be added AFTER signing day? Or are we at the scholarship maximum? Looks like a great class.
Coach Hope: We are always shopping.

Adam (Lewes, DE): Is Ryan Watson more of a DE, DT, or OL?
Coach Hope: A strong defensive end who can really help us against the run. But he could grow and help is inside down the line.

Jay (Goshen): Coach Hope: What players do you think will be in the mix to start at the Safety spots this year? Any of the newcomers likely to be included in the mix?
Coach Hope: Max Charlot is most experienced safety coming back, along with Landon Feichter. Antonie Lewis, Chris Quinn. Another guys is E.J. Johnson. He's a super talent and has a great opportunity now that he is healthy. Ishmael Aristide is another guy to watch.

Bob (LaPorte): I'm proud to be a season ticket holder and cant wait for this new class to contribute. Keep up the hard work & passion. If coaching was easy, everybody would be one !
Coach Hope: Thanks for your loyalty and support. We have a saying, "We're all here because we're not all here." Seriously, we appreciate fans like you very much.

Charles, DC: Coach, looking at the schedule for years to come, next year looks like our best bet to make a push to Indy. What games do you see as being key? What bowl game is realistically the teams goal?
Coach Hope: We finished the season with some momentum and want to build off that by starting fast. Then we want to compete for the Leaders Division championship so we can play for the Big Ten Championship in Indianapolis. Our non-conference schedule is competitive, and all league games are critical.

GLS: Any of this year's class going to join the others on the track team?
Coach Hope: Jordan Roos is an excellent shot putter with a PR of 64 feet. Anthony Brown was one of the top sprinters in the state of Florida as a junior. BJ Knauf is another. Bilal Marshall is fast enough to run track if he wants to do so.

Mick, parts unknown: Are you nervous about starting a freshman placekicker?
Coach Hope: No. Griggs is an excellent kicker and he has an excellent coach. It didn't bother us to start Carson Wiggs as a freshman, and he set a school record.

Greg: Do you see any of the seniors being drafted this year? I think Dennis Kelly is underrated and can make a difference at the next level.
Coach Hope: Dennis Kelly will get drafted if he runs on Pro Day like he has in his workouts. He wasn't redshirted and will still get bigger, so he still has some upside. Carson Wiggs will be drafted, and there are some others who will get an opportunity: Jared Crank, Albert Evans, Gerald Gooden, Joe Holland, Nick Mondek, Justin Siller.

BoilerPA: Who are the top seven OL going into spring ball?
Coach Hope: Foy, Pamphile, Schmeig, Kitchens, Josh Davis, Cody Davis, DeBoef and Williams. We needed some depth, and that's why we signed so many.

estero, fl: Danyy - congrats on the class - do you think the entire coaching staff be in place for spring drills?
Coach Hope: Yes.

BoilerinPA: When do you update roster weights? Now way Pamphile weighs 241!!! Thanks
Coach Hope: He's probably a solid 300-some pounds right now. Thank goodness we have him on the offensive line.

Mel, Chicago: A couple outgoing seniors mentioned Tommie Thomas potentially breaking out this season. What do you think?
Coach Hope: Tommie matured physically and made great strides last year. He's a good athlete and a good leader, and we are expecting big things out of him this season.

JC (College Station): Congratulations on a strong class. I know how hard you and your staff worked to make this happen. Given your recruiting success in Texas this year, is another non-conference game down here possible in years to come?
Coach Hope: We would love to make that happen, but scheduling is tough. We have the new Pac-10 agreement that will add another fixed game with Notre Dame. There isn't a lot of room to add games, but I would love to do so. Thanks.

rj-dayton: What player have you switched positons, that you are kicking yourself for not doing it earlier?
Coach Hope: Pamphile. He's an unbelievable talent on the offensive line. He's the one that sticks out. We haven't made that many switches.

estero, fl: Danny - when are you going to be in fla - last years session in Lauderdale was outstanding!
Coach Hope: Thanks. I haven't seen the schedule regarding ambassador opportunities yet. That will be after we finish signing day and rounding out the coaching staff.

Ed (San Marcos, CA): Coach - thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. I just want to say best of luck in 2012!!
Coach Hope: Thanks. I enjoy this. A lot of great questions from passionate Purdue fans. Sorry we haven't gotten to all of them, but we will do our best. Appreciate your support.

LAA(Valparaiso): Can you tell us anything about the 3rd Jordan in your recruiting class, Jordan Woods?
Coach Hope: He was one of the leading receivers in Michigan in most of the statistical categories. Has good height, great speed, ran the second-fastest time at our camp - 4.55. He will have to get stronger, but he has a great frame. And he's an excellent student. Very athletic.

GLS: Anyone putting up Kerrigan or Neal type numbers in the weight room?
Coach Hope: Jordan Roos is off the charts. He will come in benching between 450 and 500 as a freshman. Our defensive tackles right now are probably the strongest; they have some eye-popping bench presses.

BAM (Indianapolis): Coach, great job this year. How important do you think it was for Purdue to make inroads into 2 of the top high school powerhouses in Indiana with Jordan Shine of Warren Central and Jimmy Herman of Carmel?
Coach Hope: Thanks. It's very important to get guys from the top programs in the state. It's not always that easy to do. We are proud to have both of those guys.

ISU Boiler: Are Ryan Isaac or Brandon Cottom a possible redshirt candidate due to late season ACL injuries?
Coach Hope: Hopefully not. We hope those guys are ready to play. They can help us win now if they are healthy.

Pittsburgh Boiler: Could you give a brief description of what each WR brings to the team? Knauf, Anthrop, Posey, and Woods.
Coach Hope: BJ is a lot like Vinny Sutherland. Really fast in short bursts. Sub 4-4 time. Bigger and stronger than Vinny as a high school senior. And he's taller. Jordan is very athletic, has a nice frame and has the ability to be a possession and stretch the field receiver. Posey is a guy we knew a lot about early through our connections in Florida. Has great ball skills, big body. Very athletic and very competitive. Anthrop could play receiver or running back or even safety. Has decent size, wirery strength, very reliable. Documented 10.6 time so he brings good speed. Very reliable who you can count on always giving his best.

kb (Carmel): Can you talk about the two linebackers in this class (Herman and Garcia) and your thoughts about the LB corps heading into Spring ball?
Coach Hope: Garcia is a bigger version of Will Lucas to me. Very compact with great bursts and linebacker instincts. Really good hitter. He's kind of advanced in his development. One of the leading tacklers in Miami last year. Herman we think was a great get. He came to our camp and his 40 time was in the 4.5's and his pro shuttle time was like that of guys who play in the secondary. He has grown. His parents are Purdue grads, so he was born to be a Boilermaker. He's a redhead, and our redheaded linebackers have done very well here academically and on the field. He's a great student.

TC43: Is Anthony Brown a corner or safety?
Coach Hope: He could play any skill position on our football team and be a standout performer. But he's a safety to start.

Boiler Up: Kingsley Ike, I watched his highlight tape and he looks very explosive with closing speed. Could you describe what he brings to the table along with Latta? Thanks
Coach Hope: He has the edge rusher potential that we need. Quick, fast, has some height, reckless. And he's a great student. Engineering school candidate.

Boiler Up from Terre Haute: Duane Carlisle seems to have made a tremendous impact on our program. The team looked more lean and faster, at times this season. Should we see an even greater impact this coming season? Are the lifting numbers, players gaining size, and forty times improving? Who are a handful of players making major strides in the gym?
Coach Hope: We knew Duane and his staff would be a difference-maker for all our teams and student-athletes. He is on the cutting edge of his profession. He brings a lot of discipline to our football team, the kids love working with him, he is extremely demanding, has a great master plan. We hit the jackpot with him. He was a real hit in the recruiting process, one of the right reasons these guys who signed today picked Purdue. They were understandably impressed.

TC4THREE: is Marve's knee progressing? I would love to finally see a healthy Robert Marve. Great kid and hard worker!
Coach Hope: He finished the season strong. He has missed a lot of reps throughout his career, but is doing well now from a health standpoint. We are excited about watching him develop into a more polished quarterback this season.

TC43: do you expect Devin Smith to compete for a starting spot on OL. Is he a OT or OG?
Coach Hope: He could play inside or outside. We expect him to compete. He's really big and put together really well. Pretty solid.

Adam (Lewes, DE): It sounds like Aloyis Gray did not play a ton of QB his senior year. Was he recruited primarily as a QB to Purdue? What are his best assets?
Coach Hope: We recruited and offered him as an athlete before we ever saw him play quarterback. Our initial interest in him was as a tall, athletic wide receiver. He is an excellent athlete and extremely bright. I believe he played quarterback as a freshman and sophomore but not as a junior. I've never seen him throw a pass because we evaluated him on his junior film when he played receiver. But he wants an opportunity to play quarterback, and we will give him that opportunity.

J. Waggoner from Indy: Great class Coach. How has the evolution of social media impacted your recruiting process?
Coach Hope: Our commits really bounded via FaceBook. A lot of them know one another already. That's new. Our staff has to keep up from a technology standpoint to compete, so we are all FaceBookers, including myself. It's an ever-changing world.

Pittsburgh Boiler: Regardless of the rankings, your eye for talent speaks volumes. Edison, Pamphile, J. Johnson were not highly rated and have performed at a very high level. Armstead Williams is the player I'm most excited about for next season. How big/fast is he and is a candidate to start next season?
Coach Hope: Thanks. He will be in the hunt to be a starter and will be in the two-deep for sure. He's gotten bigger and faster; his greatest development has been his adjustment to college life and all the demands.

ISU Boiler: Could you give a brief rundown on each OL prospect?
Coach Hope: Prince is tall, lean and scrappy. 1480 on his SAT. A tackle prospect. Played at one of the top athletic high school programs in the nation. First team all-state. Cermin is solid 6-6, 305 pounds. Great student. Has the potential to play inside or outside. Great upside. Devin Smith. Solid 6-7, 315 pounds. Guard or tackle. Roos is a true guard prospect. Another 300-pounder. Two-time Texas state champion in the shot put. Can bench press close to 450 pounds right now. King is extremely athletic at 6-4, 310. Great student. Can dunk a basketball. Very light on his feet.

TC4THREE: Coach...can you tell us about Doug Gentry and the possible impact he could make in 2012?
Coach Hope: Doug has done very well. We anticipate him playing this season. He has gotten bigger and stronger and more confident. Excellent person and high-motor guy. Good size and good speed. We are lean at running back numbers-wise, so we are counting on Doug Gentry.

Bob (Elk Grove Village): Excellent class coach, is there something special about OL from Texas?
Coach Hope: Jordan is extremely strong and a two-time shot put champion in the state.

Buzzsaw: Any funny stories you can share about a recruiting trip this year?
Coach Hope: I did our home visit with Ryan Morris in the hospital when he mono. That was a first. I visited the desert twice to see Greg Latta and Devin Smith. There junior colleges are located in the deserts. But didn't see any camels. Came away with two good players.

Tait (Kenosha): I see that we got a handful of guys from Florida: I thought Purdue was " done there". Great class coach
Coach Hope: Thanks. I was born and raised there and have spent my entire career recruiting there. I don't believe everything I hear or read.

Larry (Morton Grove): Is this the year that Gabe Holmes makes the big step up? I am excited about his potential.
Coach Hope: He's a great prospect. He made excellent strides last year. He had limited high school football experience. We think he can be one of the top tight ends in the Big Ten and an NFL draft pick.

ISU Boiler: Speaking of Ryan Morris, he is a HUGE TE. Is he expected to stay at TE or possible move to OT in the future?
Coach Hope: We need a big blocking tight end who can line up next to the tackle. But he has the frame to line up on the line on either side of the ball.

CA dreaming: What can we expect from Carvajal and Latta?
Coach Hope: We need a big, strong defensive end, and Latta has the potential to fill that role. Runs well, has a great body and really wants to be success. Carvajal is 6-7, 240, physical player. Has a real mean streak. Great potential as a blocker and an excellent target. Both can run really well for their size - I would say in the 4.6's at worse.

TC43: coach....who do you expect to play in your 2 deeps at MLB next year? Also did Antwon Higgs Redshirt last year?
Coach Hope: Beckford is back. Lucas is good enough that he could help us inside. And Mike Lee has a good, big body and was starting to figure things out as the season progressed. Our best linebackers will be out there.

ISU Boiler: What does Bilal Marshall bring to the table?

ISU Boiler: What does Bilal Marshall bring to the table?
Coach Hope: Very similar to Rob Henry but taller and more developed as a passer at this stage. Very fast. 22.1 in the 200 meters as a junior. Holds his school record in the 400 meters. He's tough and throws the ball well. Very good student.

Steve (Marion): Do you like to hold a scholly for late qualifiers? FYI, RB out of NJ that Iowa pulled out on might be a possibility!
Coach Hope: We are always shopping.

Buzzsaw: Coach, who are some players who could play NG in a 3-4?
Coach Hope: All of defensive tackles could play nose guard to some degree.

FL Boiler: Did Antwon Higgs redshirt or will he be a senior this fall?
Coach Hope: You don't officially get your redshirt year until the end of your career. He's a redshirt candidate.

Koogs PA: Who is the best athlete in this class? I'm really looking forward to Bilal Marshall in a Boiler uniform. Is he a likely redshirt candidate?
Coach Hope: Tough call on best athlete. We like them all. Bilal will be fun to watch play.

TC43: OJ ross expected back? Also do you anticipate Mostert becoming more involved in the passing game?
Coach Hope: I expect Raheem to be involved more in everything that is involved with the football. OJ is on campus but has work to do and a lot of prove. The ball is in his court.

Tait (Kenosha): What can you say about the big offensive lineman signing today? They look great!
Coach Hope: We like them all. They are all big, strong guys who run well. We targeted the o-line as a real need and got some outstanding prospects.
Moderator: We have about 5-10 minutes left. Reminder that Coach Hope's press conference will be shown live on at 4 p.m. ET today, and the Recruiting Round-up event will be live at 7 p.m. Boiler Up!

Kevin (Chicago): How has Patrick Bade progressed at TE? Will he get more playing time next year?
Coach Hope: He has done well. He has gotten bigger and stronger and more confident. He has had some success, and I am encouraged by his development.

BCM95 (Zionsville): Coach, amazing job on this class - your hard work is paying dividends. Which recruiting victory was the most personally rewarding for you and why?
Coach Hope: Thanks. That's a tough question. We spent a lot of time on Kingeley Ike because distance was a factor. We spent a lot of time getting to know him. Getting Greg Latta here mid-year was important to us. Anthony Brown was a great steal. And Danny Anthrop is special because it's great to sign someone who is good enough from Greater Lafayette. He is an excellent football player.

thadoc: I LOVE THIS CLASS! please name top five players with best chance to impact the program this fall. Gibboney seems to really have the special teams dialed in.
Coach Hope: Both specialists, Griggs and Meadows; Anthony Brown, Jonathan Curry, Carvajal and Latta, and Devin Smith. We also need linebacker depth, so keep an eye on Andy Garcia. J.B. has been a difference-maker.

jess: so whats for lunch
Coach Hope: Great question. But it's time. Thanks to everyone for your questions. It has been a great morning. Hope you will watch the press conference this afternoon and come to the Recruiting Round-up tonight. Appreciate everyone's interest and support. Boiler Up!
Moderator: Thanks everyone for the questions. We had 120 and were able to answer 90 or so. Hopefully the ones we didn't answer directly were answered by other ones. Have a great afternoon. So long, everyone. Boiler Up! Hammer Down!

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