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Moderator: Good morning from wintery West Lafayette. Purdue is closed today, but it's National Signing Day so we are here to talk Boilermaker Football.
Moderator: Coach Hope is in the office and will be stopping by shortly to answer your questions.
Moderator: Because of the weather, the Recruiting Round-Up scheduled for tonight has been postponed to Monday, Feb. 7, at 6:30 p.m.

Jeff (Kansas City): Keep up the great work. Wondering how you guys evaluate recruiting classes each year? Do you typically wait until they are seniors to see how well everyone did?
Coach Hope: That's the only sure way because the proof is in the pudding. But before that, we ask ourselves if the guy is an upgrade to who we already have at Purdue. Good question.

Ed (Los Angeles): Do you do most of your evaluations by watching games in person or on film?
Coach Hope: Highlight tapes are the norm right now. If you don't like a guy on his highlight tape, you aren't going to like him. If we like him, then we will do more research on him.

Mikey (Carmel): Big fan. How many times do you watch a kid in person before offering them a scholarship?
Coach Hope: Depends on the location. If it's a kid where they play spring football, we will evaluate him a lot. We also take a good look at guys in our camps. That's how we found Ryan Kerrigan, Ryan Issac and Dustin Keller.

William (Noblesville): Heard good things about Sterling Carter. How often do you go into Los Angeles to recruit?
Coach Hope: I haven't been there a lot, but we had a need at tight end and really like Sterling. He has a great upside. He was a very good student in high school and a three-star athlete. He has a great motor and is a good receiving targert. He fills the hole between the tight ends we lost to graduation and our young ones.

Ian (Virginia Beach): How important is it for the guys who enroll early to get immersed within your program and how does that help them earn playing time as a true freshman?
Coach Hope: Obviously an early start is better. Mid-year enrollees, their clocks don't start until August, so he gets a head start. Freshmen also can enroll in summer school on scholarship before they start regular classes. Allen, Charlot, Lucas are all guys who came early, and it helped them. It really helps.

Rich (South Bend): How much time do you spend reaching out to a 5-star prospect, knowing there is little chance he will choose Purdue? In other words, do you even recruit a kid who doesn't show at least some interest in your program?
Coach Hope: Those guys are long shots, and we don't keep them on our board very long unless the recruiting coach has a compelling argument like the kid wants to study engineering or we have had other kids from his school come here. We review our recruiitng board constantly and determine the recruitability of everyone on it. But we won't spend a lot of time on long shots.

Mike (Iowa City): Why the big push to sign kids from Florida?
Coach Hope: Our big push is to sign the best players we can get and who can be successful at Purdue, regardless of their zip codes. You will see that we have kids from all over the country in this class.

Joe (South Bend): Do you typically try and go out and use up all your available scholarships or do you try and save some from year to year if you don't think the recruits you are bringing in can play right away?
Coach Hope: We don't fill up just for the sake of filling up. We have a few scholarships available right now because of attrition, and we will keep looking. It is good to always have a few scholarships in your pocket.

Nick (St. Louis): A majority of the people talk about how the Mackey Project will affect basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. How does the Mackey Project affect the football team?
Coach Hope: First of all, we got brand-new practice fields that are second to none in the country. We have everything we could want from a practice standpoint. The state-of-the-art athletic training facility will help us, as well, and we will have better availability to use the weight room in the Mollenkopf Center. So the Mackey project

Doug (Tuscon): How early do you start recruiting a kid?
Coach Hope: We start identifying some as early as their freshman or sophomore year, but that's rare. You can't send a prospect mail until his junior year, and we can contact him once by phone in the spring of their junior year.

Frank (Chicago): Do you try and bring in potential recruits into your football camps over the summer?
Coach Hope: Absolutely. Camps are huge for us. We have a lot of one-day camps, which enables us to bring more kids to campus.
Moderator: Two NLI's are in: Brandon Cottom and Akeem Hunt.

Neil (NYC): Do you expect Akeem Shavers to have an immediate impact?
Coach Hope: Yes. Based on who we have returning on our football team, he is going to have to help us right away. He was under the radar, but we thought he was one of the top two or three junior college running backs available.
Moderator: Robert Kugler is in.
Moderator: Frankie Williams is a Boilermaker.
Moderator: Three more have sent in their NLI's: Doug Gentry, Shane Mikesky and Taylor Richards.
Moderator: Michael Rouse is in, bringing the total to eight today plus the mid-year guys.

Bill (Ellisville): Would you tell a prospect when you are recruiting him that he will likely redshirt, or wait until summer/fall?
Coach Hope: It depends on the roster. The last couple of years, we have recuited a lot of guys who we thought could come in and impact us right away. So we sell that, and that's important to a lot of top-tier guys, the ability to come in and be a three- or four-year starter.

Jason (Indy): Do you see a value in hosting a junior day at Purdue?
Coach Hope: Yes, and we have a couple of big ones planned - weather-permitting.

GLS (Cleveland): Two questions 1) Did the two new coaches reach out to any of the players prior to signing day? 2) With the addition of Patrick Higgins, do you see an increased effort recruiting in the southwest and west?
Coach Hope: We currently have Coach Higgins assigned to Ohio and Michigan, where Coach Rock was. Coach Anarumo has added Houston to his area, which will give us more emphasis in the southwest.

Daniel (Indianapolis): Why so few recruits from the state of Indiana?
Coach Hope: As we always do, we offered all the best players in the state. But it's very competitive because the top players in Indiana are national recruits, and all the top schools go after them.

Nick (St. Louis): I know that you couldn't comment on the A.J. King situation until today, but can you explain what happened with his scholarship situation? Seeing that you couldn't have a large class anyways, did it come to just a numbers game?
Coach Hope: If a prospect is coming off surgery, if it's a case where we are not engaged in the plan for sugery, we engage in discussions with the prospect, his parents and sometimes his high school coach. We go over all the scenarios and review how each of them affects the NCAA scholarship clock (5 years of aid in a 6-year period). These discussions allow the prospect and his parents to understand that it is often in the young person's best interest to focus on the rehab and that there are ways to push back the entry date into the university so as not to use up any of the NCAA clock during the rehab period.

Nick (St. Louis): How do you feel about using a fax machine for signing day instead of pdf files and email?
Coach Hope: As long as the NLI arrives on signing day, I don't have a preference on how it gets here.

Bill (Washington DC): As an alum, how can I let you know about a close friend's son (OT) who is being recruited by nearly every big school on the east coast, but asked me specifically about Purdue because of his interest in engineering?
Coach Hope: Email Don Coller at

Joey (Delphi): What happened with A.J. King?
Coach Hope: NCAA rules permit university personnel to comment only on student-athletes who sign a National Letter of Intent with Purdue ... or an offer of admission ... or a financial aid agreement.

GLS (Cleveland): I see that Aristide is on the track team this spring. Do you think Mikesky will try to do the same thing?
Coach Hope: Absolutely. It is one of the reasons he came to Purdue. He is on the top hurdlers in the state.

Mary (West Lafayette): Do you anticipate redshirting anyone from this year's class?
Coach Hope: As we sit here today, I would say that out of our 15 new guys, possibly as many as 10 of them will play for us in 2011. Similar to last year's percentage.

GLS (Cleveland): Do you plan on using Kugler at TE or DE? I see one site has him ranked as one of the better DEs
Coach Hope: He will come here and compete as a tight end his first year. But don't be surprised if he grows into a line prospect eventually.

Mike (Indianapolis): How many of these recruits do you think will play significant minutes in 2011?
Coach Hope: As I said earlier, I wouldn't be surprised if as many as 10 new guys play for us this fall.
Moderator: We have another new Boilermaker: Armstead Williams.
Moderator: Not sure if we mentioned him among all the good questions, but Michael Rouse is in, so we have nine NLI's in the hopper.

Bill (Columbus): How much negative recruiting goes on where schools bash each other to a recruit?
Coach Hope: People that particiapte in that sort of activity more times than not hurt themselves more than they help themselves. Mis-information is what hurts you.

Nate (Chicago): Do you plan on using Brandon Cottom as a linebacker or runningback/fullback?
Coach Hope: He will be a big running back for us. He also could play H-back in a lot of sets. He was at our camp, and we like him a lot.

Gus (Detriot): Are there any kids that you were really disappointed to lose out on since you have been at Purdue?
Coach Hope: You never bat 1.000 percent, but we would rather focus on those guys who want to be Boilermakers.

Paul (Canada): How much importance do you put into recruiting players that have offers from other BCS schools? We got some kids that had some significant offers from some really good programs.
Coach Hope: We make offers based on our own assessment, but certainly the more BCS schools that offer a prospect "validate" your own evaluations.
Moderator: To review, we have received NLI's from the following nine guys: Brandon Cottom, Doug Gentry, Akeem Hunt, Robert Kugler, Shane Mikesky, Taylor Richards, Michael Rouse, Armstead Williams and Frankie Williams.
Moderator: In case you missed it, the Recruiting Round-Up scheduled for tonight has been postponed to Monday, Feb. 7, at 6:30 p.m. ET. Purdue is closed today for the second straight day.

Paul (Chicago): How excited are you and the staff to see the QB situation unfold during the spring practices? As a fan, I see us having 3 potential starters at that position and given the experience the younger guys had last year, it makes me happy to know the QB is solid for years to come.
Coach Hope: We will have great competition at that position. All of them have game experience, which is unique. We have a plan where we think we can utililize two quarterbacks in the huddle. We are definitely in good shape.

Joe (Chicago): Do you anticipate any of the QB's in this year's class be in the same mold as some of the Purdue greats (Brees, Orton, etc.)?
Coach Hope: We don't anticipate signing any quarterbacks in this year's class, which is OK because of the depth we have on our roster right now. Plus, it should make us very marketable for a great quarterback in the class of 2012.

Nick (St. Louis): You guys have signed alot of prospects from Florida. Who does a majority of your recruiting in Florida?
Coach Hope: Coach Nord, Coach Clark, Coach Emanuel and myself primarily. But we team recruit, so all our prospects get the opportunity to meet more of our coaches. That way, they know more familiar faces when they get to campus.

Steve (Palmetto, FL): Looking for another big Florida haul. How many do you expect from the state in this class?
Coach Hope: Three this year, and two are in the boat - Taylor Richards and Frankie Williams.

Charles (Chicago): This year's class seems to be light on lineman, both O and D. Will that be a high priority next year?
Coach Hope: Yes it will, but there are some linemen "built into" this class. We have a couple guys who could grow into being linemen.

Tony(Naperville,IL): Do you see Frankie Williams playing at WR or CB? What about Taylor Richards a S or CB?
Coach Hope: We feel that both of them are excellent skill guys who could play on both sides of the ball. But both of them will start on the defensive side of the ball, probably at cornerback.

Phil (Indianapolis): Who is the fastest of the incoming recruits?
Coach Hope: That's a tough call. Right now, I would say Frankie Williams. Shane Mikesky has some great track times, too.

Tony(Naperville,IL): I like the size of Michael Rouse does fit better at DT or will he a G in the mold of former Boilers Uche Nwaneri and Chukki Okobi
Coach Hope: He's a lot bigger than Nwaneri and Okobi. We recruited Rouse to be a defensive tackle, but he could be a heck of an offensive line prospect too.

Scott (Tampa): What can you tell me about Taylor Richards? Does he have a chance to play right away?
Coach Hope: Yes, he is physically and mentally mature and a heck of a football player. I appreciate his loyalty. He committed to us early and never wavered.

Steve (Palmetto, FL): With so many recruits the past few years from Florida, any plans to schedule a game or two in Florida, say with USF, UCF, or any others?
Coach Hope: We would love to, but scheduling is tough. But we would like to play a game down there.

Nick (St. Louis): With the prospects that you recruit, do you look at the other sports they play in high school, such as basketball, wrestling, or track, to see if they are an overall athlete?
Coach Hope: Multi-sport athletes are a plus, but there aren't many three-sport athletes anymore.

Mark (Phoenix): Have you ever gotten surprised on Signing Day where a kid said he was coming, but backed out at the last minute?
Coach Hope: Yes, and the opposite has happened, too, where we thought a kid was going somewhere else but signed with us. There are definitely surprises in this business.

Ted (Detroit): Is it hard to sell a kid when you are recruiting another kid that plays the same position? How do you go about selling that to a potential recruit?
Coach Hope: You can't just recruit one guy to fill one position. You have to recruit four or five to get one, and sometimes you need more than one guy at a position. Prospects understand that.

Will (Noblesville): Are any signings going to surprise folks or do the 'experts' have everything in line?
Coach Hope: We are signing a lot of guys who will surprise people when they get on the field. The "experts" make their evaluations based largely on what they hear not what they see. We have a lot of difference-makers in this class.

Mike (Charlotte): Do you notice a big difference in the maturity level between a JC recruit and a freshman...and how often do you scout JC kids?
Coach Hope: Every kid is difference, but physically, two years of junior college playing makes a difference, and you don't have to worry about homesickness with those guys. We will take junior college guys to fill needs.

Alexis (Tampa): Boiler Up Coach Hope! Congrats on your great recruiting class this year! I know that you cannot comment on the King situation but what do you say to people who think that we will not be able to recruit anymore in Florida because of it?
Coach Hope: Thanks, Alexis. We will continue to recruit Florida and be successful there. We have a lot of guys on our roster from there, and they are having a positive experience as Boilermakers.

Alan (Fort Wayne): Regarding recent statements from Coach Callahan at Armwood, do you foresee difficulties recruiting the state of Florida in the near future?
Coach Hope: We will continue to recruit Florida and be successful there.
Moderator: Another weather-related update. We will not be able to provide live streaming of Coach Hope's press conference this afternoon. We will have some of the highlights on afterwards. Sorry for the inconvenience. Again, Purdue is closed today because of the winter conditions.

Cary (Chicago): Is the mustache a requirement to be the HC at Purdue?
Coach Hope: Preferred but not required.

Steve (Palmetto, FL): How often do you see trends in signings from a school where you have previously signed a recruit, now his friends from the same school are interested in signing?
Coach Hope: That certianly is a drawing card. Not always the same school, but the same area. That can be a real difference-maker for us.

Tony(Naperville,IL): What you consider the overall strength of this class? For me its the athletcism. I like the direction of the program also impressed with new coaches BOILER UP
Coach Hope: Thanks for the kind words. Overall strengths: speed, and there are some really good students. And we have some guys who will make an immediate impact.

Daniel (Cincinnati): Should fans be concerned that the Boilermaker recruiting class is ranked at the bottom of the big ten once again?
Coach Hope: No because the guys that make the rankings do so based on what they hear and not on any film evaluation. Ricardo Allen was a three-star prospect last year, and wound up a Freshman All-American. We have a lot of guys with redeeming qualities, and our fans will see that come this fall.

lombard: any chance Marve can get an exception to play two more years or is one it and will need other qb's (of course assuming he can reclaim starter position). Any word on smith?
Coach Hope: No word on Keith. With Robert, it would have to be an appeal process, and that is something that we can't even address right now.

Tony(Naperville,IL): I know earlier in the year you said you wanted to get one player at each position, we missed on a few or our target guys at certain poition. Does that staff then go on to next best guy on the board regardless of position??
Coach Hope: Sometimes we do go to the next-best guy on the board, but we have a few scholarships still available, so we are still shopping.

Nick (St. Louis): Depending on what time of the recruiting cycle it is, what is your preferred method of communication with prospects?
Coach Hope: Telephone or face-to-face, within the NCAA rules.
Moderator: Just got Randy Gregory's NLI, giving us nine new Boilermakers today.

Omar (Carlsbad): How are players evaluated before they are offered? Thanks,
Coach Hope: We use highlight tapes initially and then try to get guys to our camps so we can look at them up close and personal.

Jason (Madison, IN): Coach, How will being in divisions help in the recruiting process? Boiler up!!!
Coach Hope: Being in the Big Ten makes a difference. It is an easy league to sell. I don't think the divisions will impact recruiting at all.

Dave (Cincinnati): Rivals has the Purdue class ranked last in the Big Ten. Do you think this is accurately reflects the talent compared to the other schools?
Coach Hope: We like our class and, as I said earlier, I think as many as 10 guys could help us this fall. If you look at our track record, we have brought in some difference-makers the last few years, and I am confident this class will bring the same results.

Jeremiah(Indianapolis): Do you expect Randy Gregory to see the field this year? What excites you about him?
Coach Hope: His speed off the edge and his pass-rushing ability excite us. He is a reckless player. He brings enough to the table that he could help us this fall.

Tony Jacobs: I think Rob Henry is one heck of a qb and he has slot of potential will he be the starter this year?
Coach Hope: He certainly is in position to compete for the No. 1 spot. He is an unbelievable athlete, a great kid and grew up on the job last year. He is a great leader, too. We like everything about him.

Scot (Indianapolis): Coach, Urban Meyer basically said Purdue was "done" in Florida and the HS coaches will unite against you on the ESPNU broadcast. Do you foresee some damage control to be done or is this just conjecture?
Coach Hope: We will always look after the best interest of our prospects, and as word gets out about how we handle various situations, people will better understand the recruiting process. Often, there is inaccurate and incomplete information. Once the record is set straight, I am sure the perception will change.

Tait (Kenosha WI): Great class. How many commits are sending in their LOI today. Some sites have 14, but you stated 15.
Coach Hope: We signed three guys mid-year and have put long snapper Jesse Schmitt on scholarship. We anticipate signing at least 12 guys today. So that would bring it to 16 total.

Bill (Ellisville): Do you feel that you still will be able to recruit the state of Florida considering some of the recent developments?
Coach Hope: Definitely.

rick lombard: what are the best selling points for recruiting prospects to purdue? anything unique we don't see? what do we lack in attacting so called 4/ 5 stars - are they more trouble than worth? I think you've done an excellent job developing and finding good talent among the 3 stars. Good luck this year.
Coach Hope: Winning big and becoming "hot" as a football team again will go a long way in us becoming a bigger player among the four- and five-star prospects. We honestly believe that we are one of the top combinations of athletics and academics in the country, and we have a great pipeline to the NFL. A degree from Purdue is easy to sell because they know they will get a job when they leave here. Thanks for the comment.
Moderator: Just got the NLI from Kaulana Judd, a linebacker from Fullerton College who is originally from Hawaii.

Mark (Batesville): It looks like we have a great combination of talent and intelligence joining the team. How would you assess the linebackers for next season and what are their strengths?
Coach Hope: We feel good about our linebackers. We have a lot of experience coming back. Joe Holland has a ton of experience. Dwayne Beckford has taken his game to another level. And Will Lucas came on strong and took playing time away from some older guys. We have younger guys too, like Joe Gilliam, plus Chris Carlino, DeVarro Greaves and Antwaun Higgs. Then we signed two more today. So we are really excited our linebackers.

Fitz (New York City): Do you forsee any Freshman, not only making an immediate impact, but potentially gaining Frosh All American notoriety as Allen had this year? If you had to name one guy, who would that be?
Coach Hope: Tough call on predicting a Freshman All-American, but I think there will be one.

GLS (Cleveland): Any chance Higgs gets a shot at DE?
Coach Hope: It has been up for discussion. He is a good football player who might be able help us manufacture some pass rush from a couple of positions.

Nick (St. Louis): Can you comment on the commitment of Kaulana Judd?
Coach Hope: He is from the same JC as Dwight Mclean and Max Charlot. We originally evaluated "Big K" as a linebacker/rush end; he's a very physical football player and is a good fit for the Big Ten. He is knock-back tackler. Big-time get for us.

Tait (Kenosha, WI): Lou Anarumo: With the returning players and the new recruits has to be excited about next year. What do you think?
Coach Anarumo: I'm definitely excited. When you compare where we are today with where we were at this time last year, we have come a long way. It's a credit to the players for working hard. And I definitely like the guys that have signed today.

Fitz (New York City): Hadn't heard of Kaulana Judd's name before today. Can you give us more info on him?
Coach Hope: We know his JC coach at Fullerton College, same as Dwight Mclean and Max Charlot. He is a very good tackler who has the physical ability to play in the Big Ten.

Russ (Greenwood): Who are some guys already in the program who are ready to contribute this year who we haven't seen much of? Are we going to be healthy this spring?
Coach Hope: Gabe Holmes, Normando Harris, Ryan Russell, Rashad Frazier, Joe Gilliam, Antoine Lewis are some of the guys who we expect to come on the scene this year.

Nick (St. Louis): How do you think Nebraska coming into the Big Ten will affect recruiting for you guys?
Coach Hope: Nebraska certainly makes an already great conference stronger. The Big Ten is an easy sell to recruits. It adds to our national image.

GLS (Cleveland): Now that you have some pretty good athletes in the two deeps is it harder to sell playing time or do the players you are after think they can come in and win the PT?
Coach Hope: If we are really deep at a position, we won't recruit that position. Each year, we recruit to our immediate needs. Next year, for example, it will be offensive linemen and a quarterback.

Tait (Kenosha WI): Sorry for all the questions, not much more to do in the snow: What running backs (of the new ones) to see you playing this fall? All seem to have different running styles?
Coach Hope: The edge right not would go to Akeem Shavers because he is more experienced and is here right now. But you never know. I hear you about the snow. Purdue has been closed for two days. Thanks for chatting.

Todd (Zionsville): Have recruits asked questions about the high number of ACL injuries at Purdue recently? If so, how has the staff addressed it with them?
Coach Hope: No, there haven't been any specific inquiries about ACL injuries. When prospects come on their visit, they meet with our sports medicine people so they understand that part of the Purdue package.

Russ (Greenwood): Will we see a fair amount of rotating guys in certain units like LB, DL, and in the secondary? I know a lot of new guys played in those units last year, and it looks like we have depth and experience now.
Coach Hope: We will rotate guys to keep everyone fresh. We have good depth at those spots, which is a luxury for sure. In the end, though, the best players will play the most.

Tait (Kenosha WI): Ryan Issac looks like he could be a heck of player. Does he see time at DE/DT or both this year?
Coach Hope: He is a good enough football player to help at both spots but probably will see time inside at tackle.

Fitz (New York City): When do you start to expect verbals for 2012 class?
Coach Hope: One of our mission statements was an advanced recruiting plan to keep us ahead of the game. So possibly very soon.

Paul (Canada): The addition of Judd was a nice suprise. Are you guys still currently after some players or are we done for the day?
Coach Hope: There are a number of guys who have scholarship papers from Purdue, and you never know if there will be any surprises.

Chuck Tampa: Coach, Given Brandon Cottom's size, speed and ability; how do you see him impacting the team? Do you think he will be a true freshman or redshirt?
Coach Hope: He liked Purdue and the coaches and really liked our flight aviation program. He was highly regarded and was a good early get for us. He's a much-needed big back for us and could play this year for sure.

Wes (Indianapolis): Who are the guys that are going to fill the void left by Kerrigan's departure? How much does it help recruiting that he'll be a 1st rounder in April?
Coach Hope: It was great for our younger players to see Ryan play - and practice - because he has an incredible motor and never takes a play off. He will be tough to replace, but we think a number of guys can help us manufacture the type of dominance he provided.

Steve (Mooresville): Which recruit did other teams make strong pushes on at the end? I heard Kugler was pursued by some big-time programs.
Coach Hope: Kugler, Frankie Williams, Armstead Williams. Kugler and Frankie were the guys I was most concerened about.

Derek from Indianapolis: Has there been a that physically has made a big move in the weight room, in changing their body? Any news on a new strength coach?
Coach Hope: Gary Bush, Nick Mondek, Gabe Holmes, Bruce Gaston and E.J. Johnson stick out to me.

GLS (Cleveland): Coach A, what are your thoughts on EJ Johnson?
Coach Hope: Coach Anarumo has left, but I can tell you thank E.J. is going to be an outstanding player for us.

Tait (Kenosha WI): For all the work in Florida, yourself and the staff have done a heck of a job in Penn this year. Kugler looks like a real gem, and Armstead and Brandon look solid. Any thoughts on them? I was worried about Pitt tring to poach all of them.
Coach Hope: Coach Gibboney is from Pennsylvania and has done a great job there. And Pennsylvania is a state that understands Big Ten football. All three of those guys were first picks for us. We are very happy with our success in Pennsylvania.
Coach Hope: Thanks, everybody, for your questions and comments. Three hours went by fast. Hope you enjoyed chatting today.
Moderator: Thanks, everybody. We will have video comments from Coach Hope on after his 4 p.m. ET press conference. Have a great day!

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