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What kind of season will Purdue have this year? I already put myself on the line with a statement last week that I thought this would be an NCAA Tournament team, and not one on the bubble.

When predicting sports outcomes, I'll back Vegas, but most of the beat reporters or people like me are just guessing most of the time. I predict with a tremendous amount of bias. I want Purdue to win, so even if things look factually bad, I lean towards the Boilermakers.

I have mentioned this before, but back in the early 70s (yes, the 1970s), I missed on all 11 bowl games! Kind of funny they only played 11 bowls back then.

I don't think it's hard to predict who will be good in the Big Ten this year. The issue is how good they'll be.

When someone asks me how many games I think Purdue will win this year, I'm just throwing out a number just like the average fan. It's opinion and a discussion point, that's all.

I've been through this thing for 36 years, but predicting how a team will do before the season begins is for entertainment only.

I will go out on a limb with this statement: I think we will have a good team. Sure, it may take a while, but unlike college football, you have time to develop. I go back two seasons with the incredible run Uconn made at the end of the year. As long as you have a conference tournament with the winner getting an automatic NCAA bid, you're always in the game in the Big Ten.

I like this team, but I've only witnessed six exhibition games, including Italy. That's a small sample size to make any definitive statements. The youth doesn't bother me. The talent is there. What I want to see is chemistry.

So, to put something into print that could come back to haunt me, I'm going to give you my predicted victory total for the year. It is ... 23.

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