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On the eve of another basketball season, it's hard not to think about all those people affected by the weather that has hit so much of the east coast and elsewhere. It's pretty hard not to be awed by the power of such a weather system. It's sometimes hard to talk about sports when such things are happening.

For what it's worth, while talking to a lot of fans leading up to this season, one gets the impression that most think Purdue will be in a rebuilding mode this year. Let's not forget, the Boilermakers went 22-13 a year ago and finished sixth in the Big Ten - not numbers Purdue fans had become accustomed to over the previous four seasons.

I'm not buying into the thought that we're in rebuild mode. I base that on the fact that this year's freshman class is much different than the norm from an experience standpoint. Donnie Hale played a year of prep ball and redshirted a season. He starts the season as a 21-year old freshman. Rapheal Davis, Jay Simpson and A.J. Hammons all played at a prep school. Heck, Hammons played abroad in China and Italy before even playing his first college game. Ronnie Johnson played in a big-time program at North Central High School. I just think that this group is collectively more mature than the normal first-year college class.

It may take some time to mix and match these guys with the veteran players, but I don't think it will take as long as most people think.

Here are some reasons I've heard why Purdue will labor. They have only one point guard and he's a freshman. How did Trey Burke work out for Michigan last year?

This is a team that can't shoot from the perimeter. I find that evaluation interesting since we haven't played a game yet. We will be a bad foul shooting team. Is that based on this season or last season?

How are we going to score points? I honestly think there are a lot of players on this team who can score. Do we have a 16 and 7 guy like Rob Hummel? Maybe not, but I wouldn't definitively say no. Both Terone Johnson and D.J. Byrd can really fill it up.

What I'm saying on the eve of the 2012-13 season is that expect this Purdue team to be good. I think the future is very bright. There's a common sentiment among the fan base that we're a year away from being a good team. I can assure that nobody within the program shares that view, and neither do I.

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