Rollercoaster Ride

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Unlike in the pros, there's no way Matt Painter and his staff can browse the waiver wire and add someone to this year's team. We'll finish with who we have.

That was quite a rollercoaster ride we all took last week, but if you're honest, that's pretty much how we've been all season. Up and down and all around!

It's unfortunate that Kelsey Barlow has been dismissed from the program, but I certainly understand why he's gone. I don't have a clue how it will impact the team going forward. We all make mistakes, and, hopefully, lessons will be learned.

There are no guarantees, and what's important is not looking back, but looking forward.

Purdue can still get into the tournament, but there is work to be done. I'm surprised we haven't beaten a ranked team this year, but future opportunities exist.

As we go forward, a few things are obvious. We're a better team when we play small, and we're a better team when we shoot well.

I know that seems like a simple statement, but here's my point: the inconsistency drives you mad.

On Sunday, the team heads into the locker room shooting 50 percent against a terrific defensive team, then misses 22-of-23 shots to start the second half. Quite frankly, those numbers don't make sense.

Some may say that Michigan State dialed up the defense, but I'm not too sure. There were a lot of good looks that just didn't go down.

All you can do is pinpoint your weaknesses and try to get better.

I have to admit that I wasn't very good with my predictions this year. I thought Ohio State was clearly the best team in the league, and I didn't expect them to lose at home. Michigan is better than I thought, and I didn't foresee Trey Burke playing at the level he has. Michigan State is tough and better than I expected, and IU is pretty much where I thought it would be.

The catch is that a lot can change over the next three weeks. There is still time for many teams to right the ship, and if the Big Ten Tournament is anything like the regular season, we should be in for some fun times in Indianapolis.

Here's hoping Purdue can forget the past, work hard and be a factor down the stretch. I think I'll quit prognosticating for the rest of the season and let things play out. If you didn't know, years ago in a published article, I missed 10-of-11 bowl games. Do you know how hard that is to do? Just saying!

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