December 2011 Archives

Important Week

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First off, good luck to the football team in Detroit. Due to my semi-retirement, I do miss covering the football side of things, but I still root hard and will do so on Tuesday.

Some Good Basketball Coming Up

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Some thoughts on the upcoming Crossroads Classic. Wonderful concept, just way too long in coming. I applaud the coaching staffs and administrations of the respective schools for seeing this to fruition. What's not to like about a basketball event in downtown Indianapolis around the holiday season the ensures great play, energetic fans and national television coverage? Just makes perfect sense to me.

Time To Have A Short Memory

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As anyone can imagine, it was a long bus ride home from Cincinnati on Saturday night. What almost turned out to be a spectacular week for the Purdue men's basketball team ended with a thud in the 66-63 loss at 11th-ranked Xavier.