How do I become a tutor?

First, complete a general tutor application. The application can be found on the Academic Support Services webpage under the menu option for Information for Tutors & Mentors. The application is a PDF document. You can submit your application one of two ways:

  • Submit your completed application to the timecard box, located in BRES just outside room 220
  • Print out the application and complete it, then scan and email your completed copy as an attachment to icatuto1@purdue.edu. Be sure to include "Tutor Application" in the subject line of the email.
What are the next steps to take once I have submitted a tutor application?

The graduate assistants will review your completed application. Typically, tutors are hired prior to the beginning of a semester or for specific subjects or courses as they are requested by student-athletes. Applicants will be contacted directly via email to set up an interview. Please do not submit multiple applications. All applications are kept on file and reviewed in case a newly available position is a good fit for a previous applicant.

Where can I find what tutoring positions are available?

We list our available job openings on the Purdue Student Employment web page. To search specifically for tutoring positions within Academic Support Services, search "Athletics Dept. Tutor" in the Job Type field.

Where do I go for my tutor training session?

Training sessions are held on the 2nd floor in BRES, the Drew and Brittany Brees Student-Athlete Academic Center, in room 207. BRES is located adjacent to Ross-Aide Stadium, just north of Mackey Arena. Please confirm the room location in the tutor orientation information email sent from one of the graduate assistants.

What will I need to bring for my training session?

To complete the hiring paperwork and enroll in direct deposit, you will need two forms of identification and banking information. Only the following options will be accepted: A U.S. driver's license AND original Social Security card
A U.S. driver's license AND original birth certificate
A U.S. passport (if you are using your passport, you do not need to bring another form of identification) International students will need to bring the following forms of identification:

  • Current passport
  • I-20
  • I-94 card
  • You will also need to bring banking information to enroll in direct deposit. All tutors must enroll for direct deposit to receive their paycheck. To enroll you will need the following:
  • Your bank's routing number
  • Your bank account number
    (This information can be found on an actual check; you may bring a voided check if you are unsure)
How long will the orientation session take?

The orientation session lasts approximately one hour. Additional time may be required to set up direct deposit with the business office, so please schedule your orientation session with this in mind.

Will I have to do this training session again?

No, however tutors must attend a mandatory meeting at the start of each fall semester. Notification about the specific time and dates will be sent out via email in weeks prior to the meeting.

How many hours a week will I work?

It varies among tutors, but most tutors can average anywhere from 3-15 hours a week. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee tutors a minimum number of hours since a tutor's work load is based completely upon student-athlete needs and tutor availability. You can always request that you be listed as "full" in our database if you can no longer take on additional students.

Will I be given any outline, textbook, or study materials for the courses that I tutor?

No, we do not provide any additional study material; however, the student-athlete will have all of the books and materials needed for the course. We encourage tutors to make a copy of the student-athlete's syllabus for the course(s) in which they tutor to gain a general idea of what material will be covered. The student-athlete should bring class materials (e.g., class notes, lecture Power Points, textbooks) to each tutoring session.

How much are tutors paid?

Starting pay rates for newly hired tutors are as follows:
Undergraduates: $8.50/hour
Bachelor's degree: $10.50/hour
Master's degree: $12.50/hour
Ph.D. degree: $14.50/hour

What if I want to add or delete courses from the list of classes I can tutor?

You can add or delete courses in which you are available to tutor at any time. Simply email the one of the graduate assistants and indicate specifically which classes you wish to add or remove from your availability.

I just completed my tutor orientation session, now what?

Once your hiring paperwork has been completed we will send you an email to notify you that you have been added to the database of available tutors. At that time, student-athletes will be able to contact you by email and/or phone to begin scheduling regular tutor appointments.


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