What is a Vanguard Mentor?

The Purdue Athletics Department is searching for experienced professionals in the field of education to help mentor its most challenged student-athletes. Individuals such as (current or retired) teachers, paraprofessionals, professors, and graduate students with a strong teaching pedagogy are highly sought.

As a Vanguard Mentor, you will play a pivotal role in helping the student-athletes acquire college-level thinking, planning and study skills while offering guided support to them in their daily classwork.

Mentors meet with their assigned student-athletes anywhere from two to 10 hours per week (depending on the student's needs). They act as an educational director for the student-athlete, monitoring their progress on assignments, helping them check for quality and giving them supplementary instruction when the student-athlete is unclear about the information they are working with.

Benefits of Being a Vanguard Mentor

  • Creates strong university contacts and ties.
  • Provides an outlet to work directly with students and staff who will appreciate your skills and value your intercession.
  • Allows for flexible hours. Work as many, or as few, hours as you would like, working with students on a case-by-case basis.
  • Good part-time pay. Your hourly compensation will be based on your education, experience, certifications, and other expertise.
Common Vanguard Tasks
  • Helping student-athletes acquire algebra and trigonometry skills.
  • Working with the student-athletes to draft, edit and finalize their writing assignments.
  • Helping the student-athlete to find effective study strategies, including building proper note-takings skills and test-preparation activities.
  • Helping a student-athlete to organize and prioritize their work load.
  • Counseling the student-athlete on how to maximize their academic efforts with respect to their learning styles/modes.
  • Encouraging the student-athlete to perform their best and celebrating their accomplishments with them.
If you are interested, please contact Ryan Barbauld:

Mollenkopf Athletic Center, Room 302C
1225 Northwestern Ave.
West Lafayette, IN 47907


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